I loved listening to David Kessler’s talk for bereaved parents last week. 
He explained that when it comes to grief people often ask how long is their loved one going to grieve their loss? The answer is simple “how long is the person going to be dead?” Their loved one is going to be dead for a long time, so indeed they will grieve for a long time. But that does not mean that we will grieve with pain for the rest of time. Eventually in our own time, in our own way, we will grieve with more love and less pain. 
When we lose a loved one, we keep asking ‘why’ and we are often being told to stop asking why and to just find the strength to move on and it is far from being that easy! 
Your grief is unique and very personal and what other people think of your grief is none of your business. As David reminded us, it is important to share your grief with people who can hold it because it’s precious. Choose wisely people and places that are worthy of your precious grief. You do not have to justify anything at any time. And any of those people in our lives we do not get our grief, well we just need to release them form our grief stories. They can still be in your lives, and you can still do stuff with them, but they will not be the ones you share your grief stories with. 
But is crucial that your grief is being witnessed and there is support available. 
I am offering one to one grief education and support programmes as from October 2023 and I will also be offering group support (the group will be created when we have a minimum of 6 members and there will be a maximum of 8 members). 
Want to talk to someone who can witness your grief? Then book your complimentary discovery call. Link in my Bio. 
Please share this post as you never know who might need to see this today. Take care all! 
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