In addition to my passion for hypnotherapy and mind coaching, I also feel so privileged to be able to communicate with Spirit World. Since an early age, I felt different and could hear voices and see things that other people around me could just not see. For so many years, I have been trying to hide this part of me, thinking I was simply losing my mind. My arrival in Ireland has been a blessing in so many ways and has allowed me to meet just the right people to help me grow on my spiritual path. 
I am very grateful to my mentors Christine and Orla from Angels Love (Dublin) as they have tremendously helped me to strengthen my psychic and mediumistic skills. They are amazing and compassionate mediums and have helped me to fully embrace mediumship. 
I have been training for a while now and have attended numerous advanced mediumship workshops as mediumship requires ongoing development. These training courses and workshops also help us to remain grounded and remember that Spirit World is always in charge and that we are merely the channel, the medium. 
I can say today that being a psychic medium and offering mediumship readings has helped me and other people around me. I am now delighted to offer mediumship readings. Although my mediumship is separate from my hypnotherapy and mind coaching sessions, it has been very helpful and allowed me to offer hypnotherapy and mind coaching sessions with my own unique style and make the most of my compassion and empathy to help you get the life you desire and deserve. 
I am blessed to serve Spirit World and be able to give you evidence of survival and life after death and forwarding you loving and healing messages. 
I always ask people who want a mediumship reading to come with an open mind and be open to receive any messages sent to them. When I ask you a question or tell you what I am seeing always be clear with a yes or no or maybe answer. I do not need any other information from yourself as your loved ones in Spirit World do the work by sending me the messages. It can also happen that you might not understand everything in a reading. I always ask you to take any information you do not understand with you as it will make sense sooner than you think. 
It is normal to understand things a little later, as the whole experience can be a little bit overwhelming at first, with so much information coming through. 
Just remember that spirits of your loved ones are always around you and that they care and want to guide you in life. On some occasions, I may also provide additional psychic or mediumistic information and details received about your life situation–family, relationships, work, health, finances... Also bear in mind that you are a unique being and that in all situations you have your free will. 


So, I just had my first mediumship reading with Nadija. I was very skeptical before as I struggled to know what happened to my mum after her passing. Is she in Heaven, Is she just wandering around like a lost soul or nothing? So many thoughts in my mind. Speaking with Nadija totally opened my mind and changed my perspective about Life after death. Nadija was totally spot on and validated that it was my mum speaking . She spoke about things that there is no way she would know. The validation was beyond expectation! I highly recommend anyone who is skeptical to try speaking with Nadija and experience the life changing moment yourself. Thank You Nadija for doing this beautiful healing for me and everyone else who needs it. 
I was looking for an enlightened soul to help me with guidance on some areas of my life. Looking at Facebook Groups, I came across and I was somehow nudged to contact Nadija. I am glad I did. I didn't give her any hints or clues about me or my life to her. She brought up the persons in my life that were involved in the guidance I needed and who wanted to connect with me to guide me through her. As we talked, more came through from her ability to hear the messages being sent to me from Spirit guides and relatives. She said no fluff with vague meanings. She was right on point with messages that needed delivered to me from passed loved ones. Thank you for sharing your light Nadija!  
Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium offers psychic-mediumship readings intended to empower you to take responsibility for making the best choices for yourself. All readings are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and to offer guidance and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. 
Upon booking and payment you agree that messages you receive are not a substitute for any advice, treatment or program you receive from a licensed medical, legal, financial or psychological professional. 
There is no guarantee or implied warranty and Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium will not be responsible for any interpretations, decisions, inaction or actions taken by my clients. You agree to take full responsibility for your life, including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. You always have your free will and your life is your responsibility. 
As a medium, Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium is not here to tell fortunes but to give evidence of survival which may include a glimpse from spirit as to your overall situation at that particular time. Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium can only give messages received through Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium's own spiritual connection. 
Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium also reserves the right to refer you to the appropriate professional if you present a situation or condition that is outside Nadija Bajrami, Strategic Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium's scope of practice. 
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