In addition to my passion for hypnotherapy and mind coaching, I also feel so privileged to be able to communicate with Spirit World. Since an early age, I felt different and could hear voices and see things that other people around me could just not see. For so many years, I have been trying to hide this part of me, thinking I was simply losing my mind. My arrival in Ireland has been a blessing in so many ways and has allowed me to meet just the right people to help me grow on my spiritual path. 
I am very grateful to my mentors Christine and Orla from Angels Love (Dublin) as they have tremendously helped me to strengthen my psychic and mediumistic skills. They are amazing and compassionate mediums and have helped me to fully embrace mediumship. 
I have been training with these fantastic ladies and have attended advanced mediumship workshops as mediumship requires ongoing development. These trainings also help us to remain grounded and remember that Spirit World is always in charge and that we are merely the channel, the medium. 
I can say today that being a psychic medium and offering mediumship readings has helped me and other people around me. I am now delighted to offer mediumship readings. Although my mediumship is separate from my hypnotherapy and mind coaching sessions, it has been very helpful and allowed me to offer hypnotherapy and mind coaching sessions with my own unique style and make the most of my compassion and empathy to help you get the life you desire and deserve. 
I am blessed to serve Spirit World and be able to give you evidence of survival and life after death and forwarding you loving and healing messages. 
I always ask people who want a mediumship reading to come with an open mind and be open to receive any messages sent to them. When I ask you a question or tell you what I am seeing always be clear with a yes or no or maybe answer. I do not need any other information from yourself as your loved ones in Spirit World do the work by sending me the messages. It can also happen that you might not understand everything in a reading. I always ask you to take any information you do not understand with you as it will make sense sooner than you think. 
It is normal to understand things a little later, as the whole experience can be a little bit overwhelming at first, with so much information coming through. 
Just remember that spirits of your loved ones are always around you and that they care and want to guide you in life. On some occasions, I may also provide additional psychic or mediumistic information and details received about your life situation–family, relationships, work, health, finances... Also bear in mind that you are a unique being and that in all situations you have your free will. 


This lady is brilliant and is very professional. I highly recommend her. 
Nadija is an excellent medium, so honest and accurate with her readings. I feel treated like a best friend. I felt so uplifted after the reading. Honestly, everything is happening very steady and just like she told me. 
Nadija is a very powerful and gifted medium. Her healing energy was felt hours before the session even began. The reading was a beautiful experience and one I would highly recommend for anyone curious about guidance and direction in their life. Nadija is a complete professional: gentle, kind, creating a space for very vulnerable emotions to be held. I could not recommend her and her unique healing presence enough. 
Dear Nadija, I can’t thank you enough for your psychic medium reading! There were so many insights with 100% accuracy! This was a truly amazing, honest experience! Thank you for your time, guidance, advice and compassion. I highly recommend Nadija to anyone who feels at a crossroad in life, or people who simply miss their loved ones who departed and want to reconnect with them. The full experience was very emotional but now I know that I can now move on and - as Nadija would say - 'thrive' in every aspect of my life. Warm Regards.  
I had the privilege to get few readings so far with Nadija. I have always been curious in life but still very sceptical. However each reading I had with Nadija has been a real beautiful experience letting me with less scepticism about the "none visible". She gave me so many details, information and messages about and from my loved deceased that nobody could have known or guessed. I first had the impression she could read my mind and then the impression that we were all in the same room having a nice chat and I felt really close and connected to them again. Which is a fantastic feeling of relief knowing that there are still here with you. Nadija's talent and gift is beautiful and I am very grateful I met her because it helped me a lot. After a reading with Nadija it would be hard to still believe that there's nothing more after death. 
I had an amazing session with Nadija the other day. Nadija connected with my grandmother and uncle. The way Nadija described my Granny really brought a smile to my face. She captured her personality and strength of character so well. My Gran was aware of the many things I have on my mind and gave me plenty advice via Nadija on how she thinks I could help myself. My Granny had some great advice for me, all stuff I knew deep down I had to change but needed to be told it to get me on the right path again. Will be recommending Nadija after such a heartwarming and positive session, there is no better feelings than getting messages from loved ones on the other side, knowing we are being guided and protected from above gives such a beautiful sense of calm and peace. Thank you so much Nadija. 
Had a lovely reading off nadija a while ago, she connected with spirit and gave me validation from those on the other side. I had some lovely messages from loved ones and felt close to spirit, it really made my day. 
I had a reading with Nadija and it was brilliant. She was spot on in relation to family and career. I felt in really good hands with her, because she is such a warm and honest medium and person, and she brings across the messages in that warm, encouraging and uplifting way. I definitely go back to Nadjia and recommend her. 
I had a lovely positive reading for my future. Nadija spoke about a lot of stuff that has happened in the past in my life and gave some great hope and insight into my bright future ahead. She has put my worries and insecurities to rest. She gave a lovely reading from my granny too, which was lovely to hear. Thanks again Nadija I would highly recommend a reading from her. 
I was looking for an enlightened soul to help me with guidance on some areas of my life. Looking at Facebook Groups, I came across and I was somehow nudged to contact Nadija. I am glad I did. I didn't give her any hints or clues about me or my life to her. She brought up the persons in my life that were involved in the guidance I needed and who wanted to connect with me to guide me through her. As we talked, more came through from her ability to hear the messages being sent to me from Spirit guides and relatives. She said no fluff with vague meanings. She was right on point with messages that needed delivered to me from passed loved ones. Thank you for sharing your light Nadija!  
Nadija thank you so much for your reading this pm, which I found very affirming and inspiring. I really appreciated your generosity in time and willingness to share as much as you possibly could to provide guidance. Warm regards.  


1 question email psychic reading is charged at €20.00 
For all packages booking and email psychic readings, please contact me directly by phone on 083 388 6520 or by email 
30-min Full Mediumship reading is charged €40.00 
All in person and online single sessions or mediumship readings can be booked via the link above 
Payment For Services 
Payment by cash is accepted and is due at the end of each session/reading. If preferred, payment via Paypal or bank transfer is also possible and must be received at least 24 hours before the session/reading. Payment for any online therapy, any online mediumship reading or any email psychic reading can be made via PayPal or bank transfer and must be received at least 24 hours before the session/reading. Email address for Paypal payment is 
Cancellation Policy 
Cancellation Policy: All appointments are subject to a 24 hour rescheduling/cancellation policy. Failure to provide a minimum of 24 hours' notice will result in a charge of 50% of your consultation charge being applied. Cancellation MUST be notified via telephone, text message or email at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to attend or missed appointments will be charged at full price. 

CONTACT  Nadija Bajrami, Dublin based Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach & Psychic Medium 

Please fill out the form below to make an enquiry and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
My top mediumship questions and answers are listed below, if you do not see your question answered below, then please contact me for more information. 
What is a psychic? 
A psychic is an extremely intuitive person who is able to perceive information that is beyond the normal reach of the five senses and gain insight into the past, present and future. These abilities are known as clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling, sensing). As a psychic, I establish a soul connection with you to be able to deliver information about the past, present, or future. As a true psychic, I am definitely not a fortune teller: I am indeed a gifted spiritual person who can offer insight into some of your life's challenges. I am fully convinced that we create our own reality and destiny based on our thoughts, words, and deeds. As a Psychic, I am able to tell you where you are headed in the future based on your present thoughts and the energy that surrounds them, but if you decide to change your thoughts or mind, you can alter future outcomes. You have your own free will to take the direction you feel you need to take. 
What is a Medium? 
A Medium is a spiritually gifted person who establishes a connection with discarnate entities, i.e. between this world and the Spirit World. The Medium is able to have an active real-time dialogue with the spirit of loved ones who have passed away and can provide enough evidence and details to remove any doubt in the mind of the sitter that a true communication with the spirit world is taking place. As a medium, my primary objective is to show proof and give evidence of life after death and deliver loving and healing messages to my sitter. 
All Mediums are psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums since attuning to the Spirit World requires ongoing development and training. 
What should I expect from the Spirit World? 
First of all, you need to absolutely forget what you have seen on TV - similar to what you have seen on TV about stage hypnosis, there has been quite a lot of miscommunication on what mediumship really is. A mediumship reading has nothing to do with a show of any sort. The Spirit World is loving, helpful, and inspirational. Those in spirit (family, friends, Angels, Masters and Guides) want to help and assist you by sharing knowledge, information, and guidance. 
What happens during a one to one reading? 
In person or online, I always receive one person at a time in my readings. You will sit quietly for a few moments while I build up my energy and connect to your loved ones in Spirit World. It is important to note that we are not in control of who is coming and need to keep an open mind. I am able to feel, hear, or see spirits. Once a strong connection is made, I give you a description of who I am communicating with and any evidence that might help you confirm the spirit wanting to communicate with you. I will then deliver all the loving and healing messages as well as guidance that your loved ones are sending you through me. On some occasions, I may also provide additional psychic or mediumistic information and details received about your life situation–family, relationships, work, health, finances... 
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