See what my Clients say about me and the hypnotherapy service I provide. If you are interested in any of the services I provide or require any further information, please do get int touch and I will be delighted to assist you! 
Nadija is a fantastic person and I am so grateful to her for our journey together. Nadija came into my life at a really difficult time and she has been a huge part of my healing journey. I think it is a testament to Nadija that she offers a free online introductory session before any commitment to therapy. I knew instantly that we would work well together. 
Nadija is a wonderful person and hypnotherapist.  
I would go as far to say that she almost saved me from a downward spiral which felt unendingly uncomfortable. With her empathy and understanding, she guided me through a safe path and now I feel I have found myself back.  
Thanks Nadija and much love.  
I wish everyone who needs you finds you too. 💕 
It is not an exaggeration to say that one of the main reasons I am in a healthy, happy marriage today is the work I did with Nadija to heal my inner child and attachment wounds to cultivate the capacity to attach healthily to my husband as an adult. Nadija is a consummate professional who balances listening to what is going on with you while also calling you on your stuff (compassionately) and gently guiding you towards healing. Her work is evidence based, utilizing tried and tested techniques that lead to high impact outcomes. Our work together was life changing for me. Nadija is a highly skilled hypnotherapist and I'd recommend her to anyone who is tired of trying to break their patterns alone and could use a helping hand. 
Nadija is the absolute best!  
Such a gorgeous person with great warmth who has helped me immensely.  
Felt very comfortable speaking with Nadija.  
Would highly recommend. 
Nadija has worked with me through hypnotherapy over a number of months when so much personal stuff was going on. I also had a medium session after that. Nadija is incredibly talented and has such a lovely manner. She made me feel extremely comfortable from our initial meeting and she is a pleasure to know. I would strongly recommend Nadija and I am a better person having dealt with her. 
I did a course with Nadija and can highly recommend her hypnosis! 
Je recommande vivement Nadija !!! Ses sessions m’ont rapidement aidĂ©e, elle est professionnelle et trĂšs forte dans son approche. Je la remercie vivement d’avoir CHANGE ma vie. ♄ 
How can I do this lady justice for the upheaval of an ingrained mindset to being able to have the same body but a newly wired brain. You can get to see the outer workings of your journey with her long after your sessions because you have been re-wired permanently within. 
If you are thinking whether you should work with her, try the free discovery call and if you both agree you won't have any regrets of this truly rewarding journey with her. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
I worked with Nadija over the last 6 months while I was negotiating my way through some big changes in my life. Nadjia's sessions are gentle but the outcome is extremely impactful. The work we did together allowed me to mange and navigate my way, through what I would normally consider to be a very stressful period, but this time with great calmness and trust. 
Thank you Nadija! 
Nadija is an excellent client centred coach and hypnotherapist. Her straightforward common sense approach is comforting and you always feel at ease. Improving self confidence, self belief and stress management are some of the areas she helped me with, along with grief.  
Would highly recommend her. 
I have finished 6 sessions of hypnotherapy plus 4 sessions of inner child work with Nadija and I feel very complete, calm and much more gentle with myself! I have had lots of healing work over the past 8 years, using different modalities and to be honest I felt I might just be using this hypnotherapy as another thing on the list of ways to “fix” myself. I kinda wanted to write Nadija off as I didn’t fully trust she would help me, when I met her, I knew there was something deeper to her and that she wasn’t easily scared off or duped! She is refreshingly no nonsense, deeply passionate with an incredible work ethic! It’s very apparent she cares about her clients and takes great care and consideration in how she works with them. She is great to snap you out of wallowing if needs be as she really wants to get you results. 
While some people understandably have reservations about hypnotherapy because of some dodgy practitioners out there - Nadija is a fiercely professional, ethical person who walks her walk. I understand my patterns at a logical level so it really takes working at the level of the subconscious (which you do in Hypno) to undo my deeper unhelpful programming and beliefs. I think Nadija is fabulous and highly recommend!  
Thank you Nadija! 
Nadija is amazing. I really enjoyed working with her and appreciate her guidance and insights. 
Nadija is a really good hypnotherapist who followed me up during one full year. In my case the therapy was very efficient as I could notice positive results from the second session on. Nadija is a kind person, passionate about what she does and genuinely willing to help. 
Dear Nadija, 
I would like to acknowlege and say thank you to you, an extraordinary Hypnoterapist, Grief Educator, Psychic and Medium. 
I have worked with you for the past few months in Hypnoterapy, and I want to say big thank you for changing my life for thr better. I didn't know, that overhearing a conversation about past life regression and a lovely chat we had would change my life. You have opened the Doors for me on so many levels, that I am forever grateful for it. Your kindness, Passion and foremost understanding and compasion are the drive and force behind what you do. Thank you for constantly encouraging me to do better... 
And I promise you, I will continue to do the work and be better A little bit every day. 
With Appreciation, Gratitude and Big Love 
I attended NADIJA for Hypnotherapy sessions, about 8 or 9 in total and I found her to be very good. I had gone for Hypnotherapy previously thirty years ago so I was no stranger to it. 
She is very generous with her time and listens very well. If you go for it you have to commit to it and then you will benefit. Thank you Nadija for all of your work. 
I have been working with Nadija having hypnotherapy since earlier this year and I can honestly say it has been one of the most transformative experiences that I have had. 
Almost immediately people around me started to ask what I was doing differently as I was calmer, happier and less reactive in my day to day life. I didn’t realise how much I was holding onto pain and trauma from my past and how that was sabotaging my business and personal life. 
I more recently began having Reiki along with the hypnotherapy sessions and this has taken everything to the next level. I cannot put into words the profound impact that working with Nadija has had on my life, she does all of this in a compassionate and unassuming manner and is relentless in her desire to empower people. Thank you Nadija I’m forever grateful for the impact that you have had not only on my life but on the lives of the people around me. Sharon ❀ 
My family we have been working with Nadija for a while. We have gone through hypnotherapy, reiki sessions and noticed a huge shift in our family dynamics. There have been less arguments between our boys, they are sleeping better and feeling more confident at school as well as on a football pitch. 
I myself started noticing the difference only after a few sessions. I was finally able to release burdens from my past, became more vocal about things that matter to me and started to feel more confident in my business and life. 
For me Nadija connects science and metaphysics with energetic world. She is very gentle with her approach and creates such a supportive and healing environment that you can't wait for her next session to come. 
I'm so grateful I've found Nadija for myself, my family and for everyone who'll use her services as she is a true gift to us all. Thank you so much Nadija! 
I have used the services offered by Nadija for a while and it has honestly helped me in so many ways. I feel I can now handle more of life with the tools that Nadija has taught me. I deal with situations in a better way and I am able to cope with more. If you are looking for someone to work with to work through things in your life I would have no hesitation in recommending Nadija. 
An exceptionally knowledgable and helpful professional. Caring, considerate and focussed on the client’s specific needs. Superb communication levels and assistance throughout. 
Nadija has taken me through an extensive course of hypnotherapy this year, which included parts therapy and inner child work. Whilst this is very much a series of emotional ups & downs (as any therapy is!) Nadija was very sensitive and highly responsive to my needs. She explained any blocks I experienced so that I could make the progress I needed and she judged what I needed session by session - always mindful of my progress and experience in between our online meetings. 
Nadija is deeply passionate about her work and her trust in the efficacy of hypnotherapy is absolutely evident - and this is something that is highly reassuring as her client. 
Whilst we live in an age of people wanting quick fixes to their troubles, when it comes to the mind and trauma, this is not something you can change overnight. However Hypnotherapy is one of the quickest ways I know of to feel a perceptible shift in your life, and Nadija is a wonderful guide through the subconscious - helping you to reveal and heal things that otherwise your mind might not allow you to access. This is deep, and sometimes confronting work for sure (which is of course where the progress and change comes from) but I felt very held and safe with Nadija. 
I am deeply grateful for my time with her and I would highly recommend Hypnotherapy work with Nadija for anyone who feels they have something they need to heal in their life. 
Nadija worked with my daughter (7) to help her overcome her phobia of bees and wasps. It had really begun to impact our quality of life to the point where she couldn't sit in the garden, she dreaded Summer, she would bolt off screaming if a bee flew by her and I was terrified she was going to run blindly into traffic. She was miserable and upset that she felt like the only one of her peer group who had this fear. I felt totally powerless to help her and that I was failing her. After her sessions with Nadija the difference is remarkable. She can play comfortably outside again. She doesn't become hysterical if anything flies near her. She now just quietly walks away. She is actually living again. I would highly recommend Nadija if your child is struggling with something similar. She can change your life! 
I had many hypnotherapy sessions with Nadija. Nadija is a wonderful woman and very easy to get along with. She is very warm and compassionate. I felt very comfortable and safe in her presence. She was the perfect person for what I needed, which was inner child work. She emailed me a few mp3 meditations to help with the process. It was perfect. I would definitely recommend Nadija. What a great woman! Best of luck with everything Nadija! đŸ„° 
Went to an open day to see this lady and did not realise how much she would change my life.  
Once you open up and enjoy the experience the world is at your feet.  
Hope this review helps someone else reach out to Nadija and find peace in your life. 
I cannot thank Nadija enough for what she has done for me. I came to Nadija back in October absolutely crippled with health anxiety. 
After a chat and my first session with Nadija I realized that I had other issues to work on too. 
Nearly 6 months later I can honestly say that my whole mind set around health anxiety and my other issues have changed for the better. All thanks to Nadija for putting in the hard work and effort and not giving up on me. 
Thank you so much Nadija I will be forever grateful for all of the help that you gave me. ❀ 
You are an amazing person inside and out. 
Very inspirational woman.  
Has an amazing energy about her. I highly recommend Nadjia. She is warm, compassionate, and highly intuitive. From the moment I spoke with her there was an instant rapport. She did a past life regression with me which I found very helpful and insightful. Nadija 's aim is to help people and you get that from her straight away. She's amazing and definitely one to contact on your road to discovery. I would recommend Nadija to anyone who is interested in doing a past life regression. 
From the moment I saw the video, I knew I had to meet Nadija. I was coming with weight problems but as I realized later I had a much bigger issue. She saw me through. Helped me a lot to come out from a dark place and taught me how to manage my emotions and how to focus on important things.  
Thank you Nadija.  
I have to do some homework now :) and hope to see you again. 
I started working with Nadija 6 months ago and what an absolute pleasure it has been. I knew even over my discovery call that I was going to enjoy working with her. Nadija has a wonderful, warm, gentle, kind and genuine nature. I have found through my experience working with Nadija that she has an amazing gift. I did some inner child therapy and my inner child is now sparkling lol! Thank you so much Nadija for helping and supporting me on my healing journey! I will look forward to working with you in the future on your mediumship courses! 
It is hard to summarise an exact description of the power of working with Nadija, such is the scope of the well-honed skills she has to offer. I first met Nadija when I sought her mediumship talents, and I was extremely impressed with the accuracy of her reading. When I became aware that I needed some help unblocking some obstacles to my personal, professional and spiritual development I sought her out again for some hypnotherapy/ mind coaching sessions. As a yoga teacher and writer by profession I know the power of the mind, as a result, I also knew that I needed specific guidance with a very experienced and competent person. 
Having experienced trauma in my early life I am acutely aware that I need to work with people I feel safe with; someone I deeply respect and trust. Nadija put together a treatment plan specifically designed for me and she held a powerful space for me during our sessions which facilitated a deep and natural healing. Her proactive, no nonsense, pragmatic methodology is complemented by her infectious humor, her compassionate style and her loving heart. 
I have flourished in all areas of my life since working with Nadija and if you genuinely want to learn how to live a life rooted in authenticity and guided by your own intrinsic wisdom – look no further! 
I highly recommended Nadija and if I could give 10 stars I would. Nadija makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in her presence. 
This lady truly listens and cares for your overall wellbeing, and I’ll be honest restored my faith and belief in humanity, and then myself. 
There is a powerful uplifting energy in this lady that makes you feel uplifted with strength and power, ready to face the challenges of life. I felt a great understanding of myself and the triggers that would pull me down. 
A lot of personal issues were covered in a professional manner of trust. The hypnotherapy and coaching session was amazing, and I only had a couple of sessions with Nadija and felt so much better. 
I thought I would have had lots of sessions before I felt any change. Definitely wasn't the case for me. 
I know though I can go back anytime if I need support again, I wouldn't go anywhere else. 
You are one of earth's angels Nadija Bajrami. 
I feel grateful to have met you. 
Nadija is a very professional, warm and friendly woman.Very welcoming and put me at ease. I got a medium reading and past life regression session. Nadija let me record my session so I can backtrack on the session. Very easy to talk to and nadija is very understanding and I got the answers I came for during my session. If you're thinking about having a session go for it! It's an amazing experience and very relaxing and who knows it might be what you need. Nadija you're an angel thank you and hopefully see you again ❀ A 
I will never forget this date. I had my first Hypnosis Session with Nadija that day and I felt like I have two birthdays now, because I was reborn that day. 
Reborn a much calmer and happy person, you see, I had anxiety, in a level that you are never in peace. It felt like almost torture, I was never present, never here, never now. Now I can breathe, thanks to Nadija's incredible work. 
I will be forever grateful for what we did together, thank you so much." 
Nadija has had a profound impact on my life when I needed guidance and support. She led me through a number of modalities including past life regression, hypnosis and helped me to heal my inner child. I cannot recommend Nadija more highly enough. She is naturally gifted, warm and empathetic. She will put you at ease from your very first interaction. Thank you Nadija for the positive impact you have had on my life, hugely inspired and grateful. ❀ 
Nadija is a genuine and kind person who is passionate about what she does, she always leaves you with this feeling of: I got this! After every session. I just finished my hypnotherapy sessions with her and I’m very thankful for all the help, during and after therapy. I notice changes in my life pretty much from the start of the sessions. 100% recommended. 
Today I did a great past life regression session with Nadjia, it was my first time. I was curious to discover what my subconscious was bringing up. I had strong visualisation moments that helped me to realise few repetitive feelings in my life. The session is completely safe and for me it has been a good journey. Go there with an open mind and Don’t judge your thoughts. 
Nadja is a therapist one in a million. Extremely committed to her patients, going above and beyond with her support. Genuinely caring and compassionate. She provides a personalized approach and is very attentive to patients' needs and nuances. Wonderful person and terrific therapist.  
I am so grateful I met her in my life. 
I had a wonderful past-life regression with nadija. It made a lot of sense and brought a lot of things to light for reasons in this lifetime, and hopefully brings a lot of healing too. Nadija is a lovely person and warm and welcoming. I look forward to seeing her again! 😊😊 
I started working with Nadija because I realized I had a problem and I felt I couldn't fix it myself. Nadija immediately understood my situation and we connected really well. I trusted her, committed to do the work and after an emotionally intensive few months I've learned and grown so much, and she was there with me every step of the way. This experience made me ready to face challenges in a way that I could have never done before. I am energized and excited for myself, thank you Nadija! 
Nadija is an extremely open minded therapist and her happy demeanor helps you to open up to her. I have had a fabulous experience doing a few sessions with her. She understands and advises on how many sessions of therapy might be required and doesn't ever push you for more to benefit her business. A genuine person with real passion for hypnotherapy, and it shows. I am so glad I got to know her and to have done the sessions with her. Also, the sessions really helped me with what I wanted to achieve. 
Working with Nadija was the best decision I have ever made. She is truly gifted at what she does. She is kind, clever, compassionate and wants results as much as her clients do. My few hypnotherapy sessions with her have unlocked my potential, my confidence and my enthusiasm for my future. Nadija can help you change your life. Thank you Nadija. 
I highly recommend anyone to experience what Nadija has to offer. I really enjoyed my three hypnotherapy sessions with her. The first session was my first experience of hypnosis and it really blew my mind! Being under hypnosis is such a powerful and unique feeling and it really works! My confidence has greatly improved after only one session and now I still feel more confident and a lot less anxious than I used to be. I am so grateful to have come across Nadija, she is such a lovely, kind and gifted person! 
Nadija is an amazing hypnotherapist, mind coach and psychic medium. She is so professional in her field with a wealth of knowledge and a heart of passion. She is so warm and welcoming and is such a great listener, which is so important when you are seeking help. She makes you feel at ease straight away when you meet her in person or online, and she will get to the root of your problem and leave you feeling great. I would highly recommend Nadija. Liz x 
Hi Nadija I want to thank you wholeheartedly for all the great work you did with me. I have a greater outlook on my life now and that’s helped me to make some changes that were really needed to help me move forward.  
You are truly helpful and I enjoyed every session. I can’t thank you enough Tom. 
I have had a past life regression session with Nadija, she was very professional and caring. I felt at ease the whole time. Her services as a hypnotherapist are exceptional and her loving and caring personality shined through. The whole session felt so cleansing and healing. I would 100% recommend her and will be back to her soon. â˜ș 
I can only recommend Nadija for her professionalism and kindness. Her expertise in Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching is impressive. A gift and skill she has developed to provide the best services, always by caring and sharing with her clients. 
During the initial session, I felt very at ease which helped me relax completely from the start. It felt so relaxing throughout - so felt my body connected to my transformation of positivity quickly. I felt in great mood and felt like I didn't argue so much with myself over my self-esteem. After the second session, I could feel myself stronger and more living and gentle to myself. Nadija really connects deeply with our soul's desire. 
(Confidence and Self-Esteem Boost Therapy package) 
Nadija is very professional and highly skilled! 
Nadija has a knack for it. She's skilful, savvy, out of this world and supremely skilled. That's why I really recommend Nadija. 
Nadija is a wonderful, caring and very professional hypnotherapist. She is so focused on her client and works tirelessly to get the best results for her clients. She is so positive and insightful I found her to be inspirational and am delighted to have met her and worked with her. Nadija will definitely look after you and help you get your results. Thank you. 
Nadija is a very professional, confident and caring Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach and she also has the added and very unique and healing quality as a very gifted medium. Nadija blends all her wisdom together to make you feel that you are in very capable hands to help you achieve your goals. She is passionate in helping others and this shows in her caring approach. I highly recommend Nadija as a therapist who will help you achieve your goals with compassion. 
I contacted Nadija to try hypnotherapy, in order to treat phobias. Straight from the discovery call, she understood were the root cause for my trouble was and everything it impacted in my life, and she immediately settled a safe zone between us. 
Since then, I have done 3 sessions with Nadija, and have already experienced some positive changes in my life. I can only highly recommend Nadija for her Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching skills. I will definitely reach out again in the future if needs be. Thank you Nadija!  
Nadija is a wonderful mind coach and hypnotherapist! She helped me with confidence and assertiveness and I’ve never felt better. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for self-improvement. 
I have worked with Nadija for 7 months. Hypnotherapy is truly transforming and I feel I have undergone a metamorphosis like a butterfly. I will be grateful and thankful for her. Now I am ready to live life as a newly improved version of myself. 
I cannot recommend Nadija enough for the hypnotherapy, she is an incredibly skilled hypnotherapist and I am very grateful for having had the chance to work with her. I firstly contacted her because I was having a mental block that was impacting my business. After the first call, she understood what the source of the problem was and we worked together for 4 sessions... I could already see a big difference after the first session but after my last session the mental block completely disintegrated and I really felt like a new person... Really fantastic life changing experience. Thanks again Nadija. 
Words are not enough to describe my experience with Nadija. Not only is she a great professional, but also she’s truly committed to be of service to her clients. I find this quality of hers extremely rare nowadays and makes her so very special. Nadija’s tailored approach made me feel seen, heard and understood which meant the world to me at the time of my treatment. I cannot thank Nadija enough for her time, dedication, kindness and empathy. 
Grateful for having Nadija to facilitate my past life regression session! It was a wonderful experience and a very emotional one too. She was very considerate and explained thoroughly what the therapy is all about and what to expect from it. She genuinely cares for her clients. I feel really comfortable opening up with her. I will definitely come back and do more therapy sessions with her. 
Nadija is amazing at her job. I had 7 sessions of hypnotherapy and I noticed a massive difference and would highly recommend and also a lovely genuine beautiful person. ❀ 
Nadija is Incredible. I immediately felt comfortable with her and very quickly started to notice real positive change in myself. My confidence as well as my ability to deal with life's bumps and challenges. I recommend her and thank her so much for her generosity, kindness and her skill. 
Nadija is a beautiful soul and an incredibly insightful and professional therapist. I've worked with Nadija for the past few months and can honestly say she has been life changing,  
I would recommend her to anyone serious about making positive change in their life.  
All the best Nadija, thank you for your time and care 😘 Jess 
5 stars all the way for Nadija! She really is a fantastic hypnotherapist and coach who always puts her clients needs first. Not only is she a great coach and therapist but she also has a great common sense approach. This means she gets things done. I highly recommend you give Nadija a call if you're thinking about making some changes in your life, or getting to the bottom of a long standing problem. You'll be glad you did. 
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