See what my Clients say about me and the different Psychic-Mediumship services I provide. If you are interested in any of the services I provide or require any further information, please do get int touch and I will be delighted to assist you! 
Thank you Nadija Bajrami for a wonderful spiritual evening last night. Thank you for the beautiful uplifting address reminding us all of unbreakable connections formed in love and friendship. The power of connections with others helps us to blossom the golden thread that binds us. Thank you for the beautiful messages filled with love, healing and memories from Spirit. Thank you for being an inspirational ambassador for Spirit. See you soon. Thank you to all who joined us in love and light. xx 
I just had a reading with Nadija today, she was able to connect me with two of my loved ones who have passed who I was hoping to hear from. Nadija was absolutely spot on, it was so comforting to hear from my brother who recently passed and she was able to tell me things that she only could have known through communicating with him. I really recommend booking with Nadija if you’re thinking about it, she immediately put me at ease, she doesn’t rush the readings and comes from a place of warmth and has an amazing gift. 
I had a psychic-medium reading with Nadija, and she is a really gifted lady. 
Without giving her any information about myself, she already knew what happened in my life and told me things about myself. (mind blowing). She is amazingly accurate!!! I highly recommend Nadija and all her services! 
Just had a reading with Nadjia... something beautiful... I still can't believe what I heard. Without any questions, she connected with my dad and gave me wonderful messages from him. I recommend a reading with Nadjia to anyone who wants to receive a message from their loved ones. A wonderful, warm and amazing woman! Thank you so much💖✨️💖 
I am so grateful and honoured to have worked alongside Nadija for the past 18 months. I had been suffering with anxiety and initially I started working with Nadija for hypnosis and inner child healing work which I truly enjoyed. Nadija helped me to loosen these chains as I was feeling knotted up. When I first met Nadija, she thought that my anxiety was due to me experiencing messages from spirit and I was feeling overwhelmed as I didn’t know how to manage that. She suggested that I do the introduction course to mediumship and helped me to develop my mediumship skills. I have just completed the advanced medium ship course and I can honestly say, I feel like my life has totally transformed. I feel like I have found myself, and my life’s purpose and uncovered my natural mediumship talents. I plan to develop my mediumship skills and create a career and do professional readings. Nadija fully supports and encourages me to do so. Nadija, I want to say a massive thank you for seeing the light inside me and helping me to transform myself and I am so looking forward to working with you in the future. Sending you lots of love. 
What a lovely positive session NADIJA!!  
You filled me with such a sense of loving contentedness and future direction.  
I know it was the real deal because the details were so specific to me and my life.  
Thank you.❤️ 
I had an amazing reading with Nadija, today.... 
I felt completely at ease from the start, as Nadija has a way of relaxing you with her warm personality and light approach. 
She didn't want any information from me at all, as she navigatied her way through the energies she was picking up.... 
Within minutes we were discussing the issues I had initially booked my session for.. 
I found the session light, insightful, 
the two people I had been hoping to connect with came through without a shadow of a doubt... 
There was no hurry and two of the questions I had forgotten to ask, Nadija answered without me even bringing them up... 
I would recommend Nadija, without hesitation if you are looking for a reading....... 
Thanks Nadija. 😊 
Nadija is incredible in every way. Such a lovely lady and so accurate. Would highly recommend this fantastic lady. 
I would highly recommend Nadija.  
She was warm, friendly and very professional.  
She was able to get in touch with my Mam who only recently passed and this was a great comfort. 
I had a great reading with Nadija today - she was able to connect me with a loved one who had recently passed. It was so comforting to hear from him and to know that he is still around in spirit. I didn’t tell her any details about him but she knew things she couldn’t have known without communicating with him. It’s amazing.  
Thank you, Nadija, for this incredible reading. It really made my day ☺️ 
Nadija, she is a really gifted lady, without giving her any information she already knew what happened, she is amazingly accurate !!! I think everyone should do a reading with her, it's like an investment , she is also an amazing healer, her warmth, her wisdom and her insight will definitely help you with your life path, 5 stars. 
Nadija, thank you for the reading you were so professional and accurate. This was my first time attending and it was so a beautiful experience. I would definitely recommend Nadija she was excellent. A lady. 
Whilst I accepted that the body was now gone, I struggled with the idea that their soul/spirit/essence/the spark that lit their body and made them who they were no longer existed. This idea tormented me and I descended into the proverbial chaos, fuelled by the dissonance of my mind telling me they were gone and my heart telling me they could not NOT be here. After some research I found Nadija and booked a reading with her. I was aware that, having recently lost the love of my life, the grief and sorrow made me particularly vulnerable and easy to exploit, so I was prepared to take everything I’d hear with a pinch of salt as most sentences/phrases of comfort can apply to many people and scenarios. Nadija welcomed me in with a very kind, positive, and gentle demeanour, she took the time to explain to me the format of the reading and she made it very clear she didn’t need to be given any details and also she was not in control of who would come forward. So I sat quietly and having given her no prior knowledge of my circumstances (who I wanted to connect to, their age or gender or their relationship to me), and being a private person with little or no public digital footprint, I was very quickly shocked by the amount of information Nadija was able to relay to me after she connected with my soulmate. She relayed details that are not public knowledge. Nadija very quickly established a connection with them and was able to tell me details of our relationship, nicknames, places we visited, details of their illnesses and their last few moments while they were passing that only I witnessed. I am still processing all that she said as I’m still in disbelief (a feeling that has been my companion for a while now), but there is no doubt in my doubting mind that there is no way she could have known all of this other than from connecting to my other half. After providing me with this proof she reassured me they are not alone, they can hear/see me, and they are well and healthy again. She has advised on ways I can try and establish a connection too and has given me the first spark of hope - after the period of despair I descended into - that we will be together again. Thank you Nadija for your kind words, for briefly lifting the veil, and for temporarily bridging the gap and connecting to my other half. I will certainly return for another reading once the period you recommended has passed. 
I would highly recommend Nadija. She's very professional. I was greeted with a warm & friendly welcome. She instantly made me feel at ease and explained how my psychic session would be. My mum came through which I was hoping for and she was so accurate. There were lot's of detail's that definitely confirmed she was communicating with my beautiful mum. It was a great reading and I was so grateful I got to connect with my mum. Thank you Nadija. You have a special gift. 💫 
Thank you so so much Nadija for my reading today, it was amazing, I highly recommend Nadija to work with. 🙏 
Blown away! Incredibly spot on and just information that I needed. Thank you! 
A super big thanks and appreciation for Nadija Bajrami and her solo service. Nadija worked seamlessly with spirit to bring about eleven evidence and truth filled guidance messages for our members! 
Nadija keeps getting better and better! Always a smile on her face and the most happy demeanor. We know she loves her work with spirit! Until next time! 
Thank everyone who joined in. It takes all of us to create a wonderful community! 
Thank you Nadija. I was involved in a medium reading with Nadija where I connected with a loved one. It was a lovely experience. I also attended one of her talks she is such a positive person and is gifted. I recommend her to anyone who is going through grief. 
I have known Nadija for a little over a year now, she is what we call an “old soul”, and a magnificent person. I had the opportunity to benefit from Reiki sessions with her, and then Psychic/Mediumship sessions. The details and details of the information and messages she receives are absolutely astonishing. The sessions carried out with her allowed me to get back on my right path in life, and to be able to better understand my goals, and focus accordingly. I highly recommend that you contact her, you will not be disappointed!!! 
I had a very enjoyable reading from Nadija yesterday. She was very kind and compassionate throughout. She relayed lovely messages from my grandmother and provided me with guidance. Would definitely recommend her to anyone! 
I had a truly amazing experience with Nadija,felt so at ease and enjoyed every single minute ! See you next year Nadija X 
I had a reading done with Nadija and she was fantastic! So so accurate with everything she told me! My lovely Grandad & Granny came through for me with the help of Nadija! It meant the world to me to connect with them & to know they are safe and happy! Thank you so so much Nadija! I would highly recommend xx 
Had a lovely reading from Nadija today. 
She left me in no doubt she was in contact with loved ones. 
Would highly recommend! 
Thank you Nadija Bajrami for a wonderful uplifting evening last night. Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey which was thought provoking for us all. Thank you for all the beautiful messages given with so much love, accuracy and laughter from Spirit. Thank you for being a special ambassador for Spirit and bringing so much healing, joy and beautiful energy to our zoom room. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you to all who came. Spiritual Awakening online community. 
Merci Nadija! Désemparés et profondément affligés suite au départ de Justyn notre petit chaton d amour, la communication avec lui et ma grand-mère maternelle chérie nous a beaucoup apporté,rassurés et mis du baume au coeur. Avec tout notre amour,Carole et Arnaud. 
For anyone seeking a deep connection with departed loved ones, I recommend Nadija wholeheartedly. Her ability to open the lines of communication with those who have passed on left an indelible mark on my life. I experienced healing and guidance that positively impacted my well-being. 
Really enjoyed my time with Nadija. It was a lovely reassuring experience and I would happily do it again and recommend it to anyone looking for a reading. 
I had a wonderful reading with Nadija today. She is full of kindness, empathy and compassion. It is very clear she loves her work and wants to help people reach their full potential. Thank you Nadija, it was lovely to spend time with you today. 
Many thanks for your help as always. 
It was a really great moment of mediumship with Nadija yesterday. 
Nadija will be your light in your darkness, she will help you with your doubts and guide you in the right way. 
Thanks to her gift, she was able to speak with my mother who died a few months ago (unfortunately too young). She gave me lots of details about the doubts I had about the way my mother died. And details that nobody was able to know except me. Such as people I met some days before, what I did a few days before.. 
Be sure Nadija has a gift, given by god. 
Thanks again Nadija I will do a mediumship reading once again. 👍 
Had a great reading with Nadija.  
She really surprised me with her insights and intuition.  
She’s so easy to chat with. Feels like you’ve known her forever.  
She truly cares about people and does her best to help.  
Would highly recommend seeing her. 
Lovely woman.  
I really felt my brother came today to speak to me.  
Thank you. 
Nadija was amazing!  
She was able to bring so much evidence to me of my loved ones and was completely spot on.  
She was able to deliver such heart warming messages from my loved ones. 
Nadija blew me away with what she gave to me today.  
I’m very much a skeptical person but this reading was very interesting indeed.  
Would definitely recommend. xx 
Nadija was wonderful.  
She shared messages and details from past relatives and friends that made me feel comfortable knowing they are still with me. Would highly recommend! 
What an amazing reading I had with Nadija.  
It was my first experience and I don’t regret it. She is such a talented and beautiful soul. I highly recommend her. 
Nadija was spot on with her messages from Spirit.  
I was clearly able to identify loved ones in spirit. Her calm and reassuring manner helped. I would recommend her one hundred percent. Kindred spirit. 
I had a reading with Nadija and had a great first experience. I did not know what to expect from a reading but she put me at ease straight away. She was very warm, down to earth and professional. The information she gave me was very accurate. I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much Nadija for a wonderful experience. 
I had a reading with Nadija today. She connected with two people and was able to identify how they were connected to my life. She was very accurate about information that no one else would have known. I received guidance on situations that I was very unsure and indecisive about. I would highly recommend her. 
Nadija was absolutely fabulous.  
I had a medium reading with her to connect with someone who had passed. I was blown away. Absolutely blown away. I have such a sense of relief now. If you are in any way cynical just try it.  
Nadija is such a beautiful soul. She comes from a place of kindness and genuine compassion and she is very honest. 
You can clearly see she truly wants to help people and she loves what she does. Some things that are said in the readings can leave one a bit emotional, but Nadija knows how important it is for people to release their emotions and she actually gave me loads of time to process everything. The reading was so accurate! 
I am grateful for you Nadija! I count you as one of my most beautiful blessings. 
I attended the mediumship beginners course of which I learnt a great deal and enjoyed very much. Nadija is a very friendly, encouraging and supportive mentor and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their first step into their mediumship development. 
Thank you Nadija, thank you thank you thank you, I really like the reading you did, it is so accurate, I read so many times still can't believe how accurate and so much insight you have given, life is an adventure... I will check your site and see if I can gain insights from such a gifted lady. 
So myself and my partner went to see Nadija last month and it was such a wonderful experience. Nadija knew things about my sister who had passed which was totally remarkable. My partner's experience was equally as excellent, Nadija is an incredibly gifted person and I'd happily recommend her services. Thanks for your help Nadija xx 
Nadija is a gifted lady, who puts her soul into everything she does. Her energy is genuine, which you can feel so intensely, 
as if the universe itself touches your heart. She's truly special and may help you in difficult situations , especially when you have to make bIg steps in your life. 
Thank you, Nadija 
I had the most amazing mediumship reading with Nadija.  
She really connected and the messages were so accurate. Loved the reading! 
It was a very uplifting experience with nadija.💜 
She was very gifted with expressing to me my beautiful family ❣️💞. 
I felt very relaxed with this woman. 
And she was heartfelt also . 
I thank you for your time 💓 and you are a gift to this planet.🌹🌹🌄❣️💜 
Can't recommend highly enough! I've known Nadija for years - personally and professionally, and recently ordered a blind intuitive reading... She did not have a clue what was happening in my life, yet could read information from my life and gave some guidance towards my goals.... 10 stars out of 5! 
#psychic-mediumship reading 
I recommend Nadija with all my heart♥️. Thanks to the amazing gift that Nadija has, I was able to hear my beloved Mother again. 
I was a little nervous, but that's because I'm very sensitive, but Nadija has such a warm, friendly energy and even though it was an online meeting, I could feel it. 
A very intense meeting for me, after the end I was still in shock for some time, but the positive one♥️. 
A lovely person with a great gift and empathy. 
Honestly, I don't even have the right words to express how grateful I am for this meeting. 
I think I will come back to Nadija for more, and if any of you are still hesitating, stop and immediately arrange a meeting with this beautiful soul. 
Thank you Nadija ♥️. 
I had reading with Nadija, she is loving, compassionate and looking out for you. In her work she was very accurate, not trying to get information from you but rather let her do the work herself. 
I highly recommend her! ❤️ 
I had a beautiful medium reading with Nadija recently. It was so healing, inspiring and extremely accurate. She has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. She connected immediately to my loved one. I can highly recommend Nadija for any reading you are considering. She’s brilliant. 
Nadija's session was insightful and really summed me up on where I am and what is most important to focus on at this point in my life. I found some relief and guidance from a friendly face, and have to say has put my mind at ease a bit more. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend! 
Nadija is a gifted medium and is very intuitive. She connects with spirit in a beautiful soulful way and relays beautiful messages. I highly recommend her services. 
I definitely met Nadija for a reason. She is a wonderful person, and a great mentor. She encourages me to get out of my comfort zone. Initially, Nadija did a medium reading for me and connected with my dad, nana and papa in spirit, which was very comforting. She had lots of evidence and her reading was very thorough. I then went and did her psychic-mediumship course with Alice, and have really enjoyed it. Nadija is a natural at teaching, and made the experience enjoyable for all. 
Had a reading with Nadija and it was all I hoped for and so much more. 
She made me feel completely at ease and so comfortable even though I'd never had a reading of any kind before. 
Never trusted mediums before but she has restored my faith in it and I'll definitely go back again. 
I now know my mam is ok and had the first real night's sleep I've had since she passed 3 yrs ago. 
Thanks again Nadija❤️ 
This was a wonderful, detailed 2 page reading. I re-read the pdf a couple of times. It gave me hope and the spirits advised me not to be hard on myself. Every line resonated with me, so happy with the reading; She had reached out to ask if I preferred a written reading or a zoom session - appreciated her professionalism. (I chose the written reading). 
How do you explain an Angel? Nadija Is an amazing wonderful soul.. the moment I met her she was open and warm and honest. First of all I got a lovely reading from her. She was very intuitive and respectful and honest. It was such a nice experience. 
I have had the pleasure of doing one on one psychic mediumship modules and it was like working with a friend. She always checked in and made sure I was always comfortable. 
She is truly gifted and I highly recommend her. 💜 
I loved the course,it has given me the confidence in my mediumship that I needed.The course was excellent,it covered all aspects of mediumship,and the Psychic side too with Nadija. It was all very concise and clear. The exercises were amazing, I could hardly believe that you could for example do psychometry on zoom, and also work on a photograph on zoom to give a reading.  
I started a course with Alice and Nadija from earlier this year and I have to say it was so well worth it, not only you get a better understanding about mediumship and Spirit World but you also gain the experience to really help you get there. 
I met Nadija earlier in the summer when I started to look into mediumship and just ask for guidance about it. I contacted her via email and she was very easy to approach. You can really feel how passionate she is and how good she is at what she does. Her good energy is very influential too. Thanks Nadija for being so kind and for guiding me and introducing me to the course, I have def. learned so much and gained more experience! xx 
Just finished a psychic mediumship development course and learned so much during this course. Nadija is kind, patient and informative on the topics she teaches. A friend, teacher for life. I know if I have any questions about spirit she’ll always be there to help. For those that want to learn more this course is for you. You will learn and develop so much through the year and be thankful you did it. 
Alice and Nadija have been very professional, heart-centred, kind, encouraging, uplifting and honest. They are both very accomplished and gifted in their field and it is clear to see they are passionate about passing on their knowledge and experience to develop high quality, authentic and compassionate students who align with these morals. 
Their course was thoughtfully created and had a lovely balance of theory, practice and interactive student participation/discussion which enhanced development further. 
It was a pleasure to be part of, they are great at creating an enthusiastic, personable safe space to explore and learn. 
I went to see Nadija to connect with my sister who passed away suddenly last month. I was full of guilt and sadness and Nadija was able to relay her messages to me and make me feel so much better. Nadija made me feel at ease and readings were so accurate that even until now I'm a bit shocked.  
Thank you Nadija for the amazing gift that you share with people trying to connect with their loved ones. I would highly recommend her and she is an amazing soul. ❤ 
This woman has a gift! I met Nadija through a mediumship reading and I was completely blown away. I've had many readings in the past but none as powerful as Nadija's reading. I especially loved the part when she said "no, don't tell me anything. I like to do the work". And she did!!! Not only is she a wonderful person with truly beautiful energy, but she's also incredibly gifted. This woman was born to do this and it's easy to see after just minutes in her company. Nadija, thank you for taking the time to give me all those important messages from my loved ones. It was an amazing experience. So comforting and so profound. I'm so grateful to have met such a lovely soul. I hope we get to chat again soon. 👍  
I found the mentorship course really eye opening, it was condensed and interesting, it was great to be with like minded people, it was fun as well as serious, I feel we have come out of this as a group of friends who have all gained more insight together. It was great seeing and listening to you again, thanks again to yourself Nadija and Alice for a great experience. X 
This year I have been a student on Nadija and Alice’s mediumship course It has been very comprehensive and inspiring. I would recommend anyone wishing to further their practice or understanding of spiritual values and responsibilities should consider taking this course, it will help to focus on who you are and how you should apply your abilities . It could be a stepping stone towards a new horizon. 
I had a wonderful reading with Nadija. She was so accurate in the reading. I was so happy , such a lovely easy to listen to woman.  
I will definitely be contacting Nadija again. 
Joined Nadija for a workshop recently & found it very well presented.  
She is a lovely person. 
Had a great reading with Nadija, she's truly gifted and makes you really comfortable. 
You are amazing. Thank you so much. I can be happy now. What you told me about my loved ones is everything to me. I wish I could thank you enough.  
Thanks from Sandra and karen. 
Nadija is truly gifted. This is my second time going to her. I have gotten a mediumship reading and now this and they have both been spot on. If you need some guidance or reassurance I would definitely consider booking! Nadija is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she puts you at ease right away, will definitely be back in the future! 
I was blown away by the detail that no one knew. I have never experienced such a reading from a genuinely lovely girl. 
Nadija was really lovely to talk to. I've used her services twice now and she was very professional,friendly and easy to talk to. She took her time to make sure I had time to process what she was saying. I look forward to using her services again. 🙂 
I had a reading with Nadija very recently online. I found it to be on point. Everything Nadija spoke with me about I did indeed connect with. I have since booked her for a private group reading this summer which I am very excited about. She is personable and does not rush the session. A wonderful and enlightening experience. Naomi 
Thank you to our beautiful Nadija Bajrami from Ireland for a beautiful Psychic and Mediumship Demonstration last night. 
You are such a lovely soul and delivered so many beautiful messages that meant a lot to the congregation and  
got around so many people, it was amazing. 
I personally would like to thank you for my own message. 
Evidence spot on, and message was so relevant and appreciated, bless you. 
Nadija gave me and my family the most wonderful gift of connecting with my departed grandad through a psychic medium reading. Her kind and genuine energy radiated through the call, making me feel really at ease from the get-go. Ensuring I had a good experience was no.1 to her and she made this really clear throughout which felt really nice :). I got so much comfort from our chat and I can say without a doubt it’s been the best decision I’ve made all year! Thank you so much Nadija 💜 
Wow this beautiful energy of Nadija blew my cannot believe how much she has helped me and how much her lovely energy alone is something you don't want to leave. I had a mediumship with Nadija and she was just amazing, really and truly was. Her gift is just empowering and strong and with a huge heart of pure loving light… Thank you Nadija for uplifting and make me feel so much lighter. ❤️❤️ 
I just had a very insightful psychic reading with Nadija and it was amazing. She is so skilled at what she does, she is very intuitive and absolutely everything she said was accurate and resonated with me at a deep level. I feel I have more clarity and guidance to move forward and I cannot wait for my next reading with her. I highly recommend Nadija’s readings! 
Thank you Nadija ☺ 
I made a new friend today after my reading with Nadija! She’s very warm and friendly and makes you feel at ease. She knew things about my loved one and even described their mannerisms so well! She also gave me great guidance when it came to something personal which came through strongly and I was blown away. Thanks again Nadija you lovely lady . 😊 
I honestly don’t know where to start! I waited a while to leave a review as it was a lot to process and I wanted to give an honest review When we first started, Nadija explained the process and how it works. She was honest, clear and super friendly. It instantly put me at ease! I was pretty nervous as there was one particular person I wanted to talk to… and she most certainly came through. Nadija was able to tell me her mannerisms, what she loved, everything about my loved one! There’s no way Nadija would’ve known these things if my loved one wasn’t there. The whole experience gave me insight into life after death and it was such a relief knowing my loved one was doing okay… actually going great! I laughed, I cried, and sometimes I couldn’t say anything. Not once did I feel awkward, Nadija gave me the space to heal. She kept telling me to take my time and listened to my body language to know when to continue. I can’t recommend her enough… I’m so grateful for her. If you have any doubts, please be assured and go for it. It was the best thing I’ve done. Thank you Nadija for being my messenger!!! 
So, I just had my first mediumship reading with Nadija. I was very skeptical before as I struggled to know what happened to my mum after her passing. Is she in Heaven, Is she just wandering around like a lost soul or nothing? So many thoughts in my mind. Speaking with Nadija totally opened my mind and changed my perspective about Life after death. Nadija was totally spot on and validated that it was my mum speaking . She spoke about things that there is no way she would know. The validation was beyond expectation! I highly recommend anyone who is skeptical to try speaking with Nadija and experience the life changing moment yourself. Thank You Nadija for doing this beautiful healing for me and everyone else who needs it. 
I had the most amazing session with Nadija, she totally put me at ease & what she communicated to me was just astounding. It brought me so much comfort & reassurance, it was a really wonderful experience. Nadija is such a beautiful person I would highly recommend her x. 
Had the most enlightening mediumship reading with Nadija. She was able to provide such details that nobody would ever know and describe my loved one so perfectly it was like a session with the spirit herself. Nadija is so professional and has a real gift; an ability to make you laugh and cry while empowering at the same time. Have recommended her already and would recommend to anyone else who was even contemplating any kind of reading! If you're ever unsure about the spiritual world, this amazing woman can definitely make things certain. Thank you again! 
Cannot recommend Nadija enough...she is just intuitive and genuine...the real deal. She is full of light and shares her gift so genuinely...she is like a friend you have known all your life...she makes you laugh and cry and brings so much love and care to her readings...a big thank you...many blessings to are a beacon of light and hope! 
This lady is brilliant and is very professional. I highly recommend her. 
Nadija is an excellent medium, so honest and accurate with her readings. I feel treated like a best friend. I felt so uplifted after the reading. Honestly, everything is happening very steady and just like she told me. 
I had the privilege to get few readings so far with Nadija. I have always been curious in life but still very sceptical. However each reading I had with Nadija has been a real beautiful experience letting me with less scepticism about the "none visible". She gave me so many details, information and messages about and from my loved deceased that nobody could have known or guessed. I first had the impression she could read my mind and then the impression that we were all in the same room having a nice chat and I felt really close and connected to them again. Which is a fantastic feeling of relief knowing that there are still here with you. Nadija's talent and gift is beautiful and I am very grateful I met her because it helped me a lot. After a reading with Nadija it would be hard to still believe that there's nothing more after death. 
I had an amazing session with Nadija the other day. Nadija connected with my grandmother and uncle. The way Nadija described my Granny really brought a smile to my face. She captured her personality and strength of character so well. My Gran was aware of the many things I have on my mind and gave me plenty advice via Nadija on how she thinks I could help myself. My Granny had some great advice for me, all stuff I knew deep down I had to change but needed to be told it to get me on the right path again. Will be recommending Nadija after such a heartwarming and positive session, there is no better feelings than getting messages from loved ones on the other side, knowing we are being guided and protected from above gives such a beautiful sense of calm and peace. Thank you so much Nadija. 
Nadija is a very powerful and gifted medium. Her healing energy was felt hours before the session even began. The reading was a beautiful experience and one I would highly recommend for anyone curious about guidance and direction in their life. Nadija is a complete professional: gentle, kind, creating a space for very vulnerable emotions to be held. I could not recommend her and her unique healing presence enough. 
Dear Nadija, I can’t thank you enough for your psychic medium reading! There were so many insights with 100% accuracy! This was a truly amazing, honest experience! Thank you for your time, guidance, advice and compassion. I highly recommend Nadija to anyone who feels at a crossroad in life, or people who simply miss their loved ones who departed and want to reconnect with them. The full experience was very emotional but now I know that I can now move on and - as Nadija would say - 'thrive' in every aspect of my life. Warm Regards.  
Had a lovely reading off nadija a while ago, she connected with spirit and gave me validation from those on the other side. I had some lovely messages from loved ones and felt close to spirit, it really made my day. 
I had a reading with Nadija and it was brilliant. She was spot on in relation to family and career. I felt in really good hands with her, because she is such a warm and honest medium and person, and she brings across the messages in that warm, encouraging and uplifting way. I definitely go back to Nadjia and recommend her. 
I had a lovely positive reading for my future. Nadija spoke about a lot of stuff that has happened in the past in my life and gave some great hope and insight into my bright future ahead. She has put my worries and insecurities to rest. She gave a lovely reading from my granny too, which was lovely to hear. Thanks again Nadija I would highly recommend a reading from her. 
I was looking for an enlightened soul to help me with guidance on some areas of my life. Looking at Facebook Groups, I came across and I was somehow nudged to contact Nadija. I am glad I did. I didn't give her any hints or clues about me or my life to her. She brought up the persons in my life that were involved in the guidance I needed and who wanted to connect with me to guide me through her. As we talked, more came through from her ability to hear the messages being sent to me from Spirit guides and relatives. She said no fluff with vague meanings. She was right on point with messages that needed delivered to me from passed loved ones. Thank you for sharing your light Nadija! 
Nadija thank you so much for your reading this pm, which I found very affirming and inspiring. I really appreciated your generosity in time and willingness to share as much as you possibly could to provide guidance. Warm regards.  
I had a reading with Nadija and to say it was amazing is an understatement. I was so nervous beforehand and she put me so at ease and made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend Nadija, she is great at what she does and so caring and that shines through in her readings. The information I received just blew me away. I would actually give her 10 stars but there are only 5. Amazing amazing amazing. 
Thanks again Nadija. ❤❤❤ 
I had a reading with Nadija and she absolutely blew me away. She is a very dynamic, insightful, kind and honest lady and works hard to deliver messages in a clear and precise way and explains anything that may not be first understood, or asks for, and gets clarity from the spirits. She was spot on with what she told me, and gave me details that no one, except the spirit she was communicating with would ever have known. She also gave me her own thoughts and advice from what she could read from me personally, and once again her insightfulness was eerily precise.  
Ah-mazing .... I cannot recommend her highly enough .... Thank you beautiful Nadija xxxxx 
Nadija, I just wanted to thank you for the reading that you did, it was so very accurate and very comforting to know. You were so approachable and made me feel at ease, I think you are a very caring young lady who is so very talented at what you do, the advice you gave me afterwards was just what I needed.  
So thank you Nadija ❤️😇xxx 
Thank you so much for my beautiful reading Nadija. It brought me so much comfort and happiness. I look forward to my future readings with yourself! 
I got a mediumship reading from Nadija and the information I received was so specific and uplifting. She gave so much detail. She also has a lovely manner and puts you at ease the moment she meets you. I would highly recommend her. 
I had a lovely mediumship reading with Nadija. She was spot on. She has a lovely welcoming manner. 
I will definitely book another reading. x 
I really connected with Nadija and found her to be a lovely, sincere and most helpful person. I happened upon Nadija scrolling through Google in search of some guidance. I found great reassurance, valued advice and actually much needed answers through my first reading. 
Nadija is not a crystal ball fortune teller, but most authentic and real, she dipped in and out of both mediumship and psychic energy, via vibes and intuition. 
I was quite stunned at the depth of our reading. 
Gosh, she was spot on...! 
No doubt about it, I'll be keeping posted with this amazing young lady. 
Thank you Nadija. Thank you so much. 
With every good wish. ❤ 
Nadija is a lovely person and I found her to be truly gifted. Thank you Nadija for sharing your knowledge in the most sincere way. 
A reassuring & Authentic reading with Nadija this evening. She is absolutely tuned into Spirit & helped me to know my loved ones are close by. Spot on information! Thank you Nadija for sharing your gift. I recommend her work. 
The energy that I received from Nadija was amazing. I had my first reading last week but for sure it was not the last one with her. She is a lovely and very gifted person. I highly recommend her. 
Booked Nadija for a mediumship reading and had the most amazing experience, so so good in connecting with my loved ones. I cannot recommend her enough, an absolute amazing woman and soul. Will forever be gratefull! 
Nadija was brilliant and I would highly recommend anyone to go see her. I wasn’t sure whatever to expect but I got everything I needed and more. 💕 
Had an amazing reading with Nadija. Highly recommend. She’s the real deal x 
I have just received a lovely reading from Nadija. She passed on beautiful healing messages from my loved ones who are in the spirit world with some meaningful messages for our Family. I feel blessed to know that they are always around us and sending us healing blessings. We will begin to heal ourselves over time and I will use their messages to help me live my life. 
Thank you so much for my beautiful reading Nadija. 
Warm Regards. 
Booked Nadija for a psychic mediumship reading. This was my very first reading, all new to me and went in with an open mind. Nadija's contact with my loved ones gave me so much hope to know they're still around me always. Enjoyed the reading very much and found it all very interesting and everything was spot on. Very friendly/professional. I recommend Nadija. Thank you Nadija. 😊 
Great experience with Nadija, super honest and gave me great clarity on certain situations. Really nice person who clearly has a passion for helping others. 
Great and insightful. Very informative and interesting energy soul reading. Thank you. 
Truly perfect. I had a great moment with Nadija. Everything was well explained and detailed. She has been very supportive also and showed a lot of empathy. 
Nadija is a lovely, caring and genuine person. I had such a great experience with her this evening and she really put me at ease. It was truly an amazing experience. I would highly recommend Nadija. Thanks again ❤️ 
Nadija gave me such an amazing reading. It was so accurate. She is such a lovely lady and I felt so happy that I connected with a loved one I miss so much. I would definitely recommend Nadija and will be having another reading from her soon. ❤️️ 
Excellent warm reading. Extremely detailed with exact information no one could possibly know outside of family. Alongside details that were totally personal & private to myself. Nadija has uplifted us & really helped me focus with things I was struggling with. Many thanks again. x 
Nadija was remarkable and so very kind and sympathetic. Her mediumship reading was extraordinarily accurate, to a degree that genuinely surprised me. I left feeling a lot lighter and more at peace than I arrived! 
I had the pleasure of getting a reading from Nadija this evening. Everything was so accurate and it made me feel extremely comforted and less to worry about - I would recommend to anyone. An amazing experience. 
I went to Nadija, and not only was she welcoming and accommodating, she was very precise and accurate. She was spot on about the smallest details, and she also knew things about my loved ones that I didn’t even know, which I confirmed afterwards. It was an extremely gratifying experience, and I would recommend it to anyone! 
This was my first experience with a medium and I was really blown away by what Nadija was able to tap into. Without any hints or answers from me she was able to communicate really specific details about myself and my family, honing in on family members who had passed like my grandpa, as well as current family dynamics. She had such a lovely energy from the start and immediately put me at ease. It was such a fascinating session and great all-round experience- would highly recommend! 
Best experience ever! Nadija is a very caring and loving person. I look forward to next meeting with her. 
Had an amazing reading from Nadija today. Would highly recommend Nadija to anyone. You will not be disappointed x 
I booked a meeting with Nadija as I wanted to connect with a parent who had passed away suddenly a year ago. To say that Nadija has a gift would be an absolute understatement. I left with a very full heart and it has given me a huge sense of hope and happiness. She completely blew me away. I would recommend anyone who is in the same situation as me, to consider going to her if they are looking to reconnect with a loved one and wish to receive loving messages and guidance from them. Thank you Nadija, from the very bottom of my heart. 
Nadija was absolutely brilliant, she was spot on in every word she said. It was lovely to connect with heaven through her. She is such a compassionate and kindhearted person. Thank you so much Nadija I will be booking you again 😊 x 
I had a beautiful psychic medium reading with Nadija. She relayed messages from loved ones that I will cherish. I would highly recommend her. 
Had a reading with Nadija. If it’s something you’re interested in, do not hesitate. She's the kindest soul and the messages were so comforting. 
Nadija has a fantastic gift, such a lovely and heartwarming experience, highly recommend. 😊 
I found Nadja very helpful and she was able to connect with my loved ones in the right way. The right people stepped forward from the spirit world and I was happy about that and Nadja was clearly able to explain to me the message they were sending. The guidance and the questions I was asking in my head was exactly what Nadja was able to connect with through my loved ones. I left feeling reassured and happy with why I came and will for sure be coming back when necessary. I believe if you are stuck in life and unsure between path A & path B or just would like to feel the presence of someone who has passed, it is great way to connect with the spirit world and get the closure you need. Overall I would highly recommend Nadja as she was warming & welcoming. 
I had a very healing experience with Nadija following a recent bereavement. She accurately described the person, their mannerisms and their personality. I was left with great feelings of peace and optimism.  
Thank you so much Nadija. 
Highly recommend.  
I have been very comfortable with her 😍. She is so nice and professional. 
Great reading, very welcoming and good guidance. 
Would highly recommend Nadija. Had a reading at my home and was spot on with everything. Best reading I ever had. 
Such good positive energy, so friendly and very accurate with everything. 
Nadija did a beautiful and highly informative reading for me. She was able to connect with my dearly missed Dad and treated my whole experience with compassion, empathy and kindness. It was an absolute pleasure to sit and listen to Nadija relay all the messages. I would highly recommend Nadija to anyone who is looking to reconnect with their loved ones. 
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