I like very much the International Coach Federation's definition of coaching in general: 
"Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential". 
Mind coaching or mindset coaching is the process of training you to use your mind more effectively and efficiently in overcoming your difficulties, achieving peak performance, and realizing your goals. As a mind coach, I help you quickly develop and empower your mind.  
Mind coaching is NOT me telling you what to do with your life or how to live your life. Mind coaching is you getting really honest with yourself and realize that there are areas in your life you want to improve to get the life you are longing for. It can be described as trance-free interventions and a process that encourages you to have a preference for action over thinking. It gives you the tools to step in, get out there and do the work needed to unlock your potential and get the life you want. It is a Client-Centred approach that requires you to take an active role in the programmes we build together to help you reach your goals. 
I just want to add that mind coaching is an extremely powerful modality but it is not magic. I expect my clients to be fully committed to themselves and to the work we do together. Coaching is all about making clients to be fully accountable to themselves. We will co-create the most optimized coaching programme so that the clients get the best lasting results. There will sometimes be some work to be done between sessions to help the clients reinforce the work we do together during the sessions. 
Your empowerment, mental health, and wellbeing matter to me! 
I now offer only ONLINE coaching sessions as I share my time working between Ireland, France and Switzerland. There is absolutely no difference between an in person or an online coaching session! 
There are times in your life when you may be feeling stuck in a situation that is making you unhappy, but you lack the motivation or just that extra push you need to help you create the required positive changes in your life. This is when mind coaching can bring amazing results. 


First of all, let's remember that most of the time, we are our biggest obstacle in overcoming fear and doubt in our life! As a Mind Coach, I help you shift your thinking to overcome mental blocks and become more confident. I help you find out what your negative emotions and limiting beliefs are that are holding you back and preventing you to get the life you desire and deserve and help by giving you the tools to become an effective problem solver. Together, we build a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life. 
I encourage your self-discovery and growth and work on strategies and a plan of action based on what fits best with your goals, personality and vision. 
I help you focus and teach you where to place your focus and attention at the right time. 
I help you avoid material clutter by showing you how to get rid of it and help you get more organized in your daily life. I also help you avoid emotional clutter by clearing out your mind. The same way you clean the place you live, I help you declutter your mind and throw out things that are no longer needed. 
You are a confident person with a go-getter attitude in life? Then I am here to help you put your talents, skills and abilities to good use to reach your full potential. And last, but not least I help you stay accountable. I do my very best to help you stay on track by being accountable to yourself, your goals and your dreams, so that you can get the life you desire and deserve as no challenge is too big for your mind. 


Nadija has a gift, a huge heart and a true passion for helping people. She truly knows how to turn your personal power on! Her compassion and insight are exceptional and she can discuss and understand any situation. 
She emanates love and kindness and you can feel lucky having her in your life! She is an amazing person that is going to make a huge difference in this world. I can only recommend her services! 
For years since I have been a child, I have always struggled with my self-confidence. Even though I have a strong and independent personality, loving life and challenging myself in many ways, I couldn't really set me free from the feelings that I couldn't be loved, that I was not interesting enough or not good and smart enough. 
Then I met Nadija and started therapy and mind coachingand I can't explain how it happened but month after month all my fears disappeared little by little making such a big difference in my professional and personal life. I became cheekier, more creative, trusting my intuition and with the capacity of understanding who I am what I want and what I am worth. After months now, I can really feel like I finally accept my whole self and I am proud of who I am. I'm not scared anymore. 
Nadija is very talented and powerful and I am very grateful I have met her. 
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