My top mind coaching questions and answers are listed below, if you do not see your question answered below, then please contact me for more information. 
What is mind coaching? 
Mind coaching or mindset coaching consists of a trance-free set of interventions. and is all about creating a partnership with you, my client, work with you to help you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. Mind coaching is the process of training you to use your mind more effectively and efficiently in overcoming your difficulties, achieving peak performance, and realizing your goals. Using mind coaching, my ultimate goal is to help you quickly develop and empower your mind and maximize your full potential so that you can act and reach your desired results. 
What will happen in a mind coaching session? 
Your mind coaching session starts by getting a clear understanding of who you are, what you want to achieve and what you feel is preventing you to reach your goals. Through an evidence-based assessment and self-reflection, we then start setting focus areas and goals. I help you with self-directed learning and conversations that are solution focused in order to lead you to stretch beyond your normal way of thinking, think outside the box to reach these goals you truly want to achieve. 
Hypnotherapy VS Mind Coaching 
Hypnotherapy and mind coaching are two powerful techniques I use to help you work on your roadblocks, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs in order to maximize your potential and get the life you are longing for and that is your natural birth right. These two techniques go really well together, but I do not always use them together. Depending on what we are working on together, I may use mind coaching in a hypnotherapy session or more often as a follow-up process in between sessions. 
I also offer separate mind coaching sessions and packages without any hypnotherapy. Go and check all available packages tailored to best suit your needs. 
Why should you chose Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching now? 
Don't let time pass you by and expect for change to happen. It is crucial that you have the right mindset to work on your goals and shifting your mindset is key to help you on your personal development journey. So, make an appointment now and get back the life you desire and deserve as remember, your mind is an extremely powerful tool and no challenge is too big for your mind! 
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