Hello beautiful people and souls, 
Hope you’re all well wherever you are in the world. 
So today is Wednesday and time to share some Wednesday wisdom. It will be. Short post I promise. Short, sweet and straight to the point. 
I just want to remind you to treasure your uniqueness. 
Remember that you are the only version of you: you are unique, special and perfect in your own way. 
Treasure your uniqueness, be who you are. Don’t try and be like anyone else - you’re so much better being the real, amazing and perfectly imperfect you and by treasuring the unique being your are, you will attract your tribe, I promise! 
Respect that and you will be much happier. 
The one question that always annoyed me during job interview: 
‘What sets you apart from other candidates?’ 
Well the answer is very clear: being this amazing unique being standing in front of you. Remember that no one is just like you, and not a single person can do things the way you do them. 
Stick to who you are, and don’t even try to be a pale imitation of do you else. It’s not worth it. 
You will find the right job, the right friends and the right lover by being your beautiful unique self. Trust me on that! 
Happy Wednesday all and as always take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
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