Hello beautiful people and souls, 
Hope you're all well wherever you are in the world and that your week is going well. 
Today, I want to talk about the power of breath. 
Breathing is the first thing we do when we come into the world and the last thing we do before we leave this world. 
Breathing happens automatically 26,000 times a day without us even having to pay any attention to it, yet breathing is one of the only autonomic systems in our life. 
Breathing is life. It’s the simplest human action there is and yet the most fundamental. It brings fuel to the body and mood to the brain. It allows our hearts to beat. 
We can’t hope to bring our stress under control without first bringing our breath under control. Stress and breath are intimately linked. 
By spending just a few minutes daily consciously working with it, you will send your brain and body a message that life is calm and that you are safe. 
When you’re strongly focusing on your breath you’re creating a zone of stillness and safety, hence reducing any state of hyper vigilance. 
Try the two breathing techniques I am sharing with you today. 
3-4-5 BREATH 
When your out-breath is longer than your in-breath, you reduce the activation of your stress state and encourage your body to feel safe. You can do a few rounds of this breath or extend it to take five minutes. 
This technique can be done at any time, but it has been proven the most efficient just before bedtime. 
Box breathing helps lower stress levels, calm the nervous system and take your mind away from distracting thoughts. 
Always listen to your body and see what works for you! 
This is inspired by Dr Chatterjees and his guide on breathing techniques. 
Take care all and let today be the day you use your breath to take you from survive to thrive state. 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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