Here we are, late December rolls and just like every year, we engage in a peculiar habit: 
We start stating all resolutions for the year to come. We say things like « next year, I’m going to… » And we list everything we intend to do (in all good faith...) 
Of course, this doesn’t last very long. Habits slacken; discipline fades. And then we start the whole cycle again. 
So, what I am asking you today is how many more years will you wait for another January 01st to commit to changing your life again? How long are you going to wait before creating your best life, the life you were always supposed to live? 
The answer seems very obvious to me: Not a second longer. Don’t wait to demand more of yourself. There isn’t a magic day, or a magic book, a magic mentor, or a magic situation. 
Improve yourself and your life by having unwavering faith that you will create the life you desire and deserve and by taking baby steps and inspired actions. 
There is no an ideal time to change yourself. So stop waiting for it and start now. 
Hope this post inspires someone today to take action towards becoming who they were always supposed to be. 
Have a wonderful Sunday beautiful people and souls and as always take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
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