Happy Monday beautiful people and souls, 
Here’s to a brand new week in a brand new year, so let’s make the most of it. 
Went in town this morning with my mum and a friend and we talked about what our words for 2023 are. 
Mine are Shine and Unstoppable. 
Why these 2 words? Over the last couple of weeks, 3 different people used the word ‘Flamboyant’ to describe me (and I felt really flattered) and that reminded me that for so many years, I thought I was too much and that I had to be more ‘average’ and to be less of myself. And this period of my life is truly over. I now fully intend to shine as bright as possible, to empower as many people as I possible can and to help as many people as possible on their healing journey. 
I wholeheartedly intend to « Take my passion 
And make it happen » just like in Irene Cara’s song (What a feeling - Flashfance). 
Beautiful people and souls, please stop trying to fit in and stop dimming your light. The world is your oyster so keep shining as bright as possible and if people feel it’s too much, they can always buy a great pair of sunglasses. Plain and simple. 
And by the way, when you embrace your true self and your flamboyance, believe me, you will never be too much for the right business partners, the right friends or the right lover (trust leçon that one! 😊). And as regards love, you will attract the right partner who will flattered to create an Empire with your beautiful self. 
Get ready to create your Empire and surround yourself with the right tribe to co-create greatness. 
This is your reminder that you will never be too much for the right people! 
Here’s to your success and growth and as always take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
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