Happy Monday beautiful people and souls, 
Hope you’re all well and had a great weekend. 
As mentioned before I now also offer reiki sessions alongside my other therapeutic and healing modalities. 
And after a trial on 5 amazing clients, I have now released a new combo: 
Reiki and hypnotherapy sessions . 
How does it work? As usual, you book a complimentary 30 min discovery call with me and we get to know each other and I understand what you would like to work on and I also explain how I work. 
Once you decide to go ahead and book hypnotherapy with me, if you wish to add some reiki, the structure of the sessions will be as follows: 
- Initial session will last for 2 hours: form to fill in and admin for a few minutes, then 30 min of reiki and after that the hypnotherapy session begins. 180 euros. 
- Follow up sessions will last 1.5 hour - we start with 30 min of reiki and then one hour of hypnosis. 130 euros. 
The 5 clients who have been through that programme combing reiki and hypnotherapy have had amazing results! And I am very excited about this new combo! 
Contact me today to book your complimentary discovery call. 
Due to the high demand, I am also opening some slots for reiki sessions as from next week. I intended to start in September but I had a few requests already. You can book directly through me while my website is being updated. 
You can also of course book hypnotherapy only at the usual rates (initial session 150 euros and follow up sessions 100 euros) and reiki only (1 hour for 60 euros). 
Have a great week and remember that you are the most important piece of your own puzzle so invest in yourself, your mental health and well-being! 
As always take care, stay safe and talk soon! 
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