Hello beautiful people and souls, 
Hope you’re all doing well wherever you are in the world, 
Today, I just want to share a podcast I was a guest on, hosted by John Kenny, The Relationship Guy, an amazing relationship coach. Click on the link in this post to listen to the podcast. 
It was an amazing opportunity for me to talk about a part of my personal life that I usually never talk about: the loss of my dad, the loss of other loved ones and how this shaped my relationships and how I managed, in time, to change my relationship patterns to create a more fulfilling life. 
This also pushed me to be of service to my fellow human beings, helping them with their own behavioural patterns and most of all helping them to know who they are and treasure their uniqueness so they never settle for less than they deserve. My own life experience has led my soul to call for me to help people have a healthy relationship with their own amazing selves before anything else. 
I hope you enjoy this part of me that I am putting into the world today, hoping it can inspire some people on their personal development and personal journey. 
As always beautiful people and souls take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
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