I a delighted and grateful to have been a guest on this amazing podcast, The Successful Mind Podcast with my amazing host Patricia Baronowski-Schneider. 
I am re-sharing her post below and happy listening all! 
“Transform Trauma into Triumph: Unlocking Your True Potential with Nadija Bajrami” 
"Dive into this enlightening episode of the Successful Minds Podcast where we welcome the multi-award-winning Strategic Hypnotherapist, Certified Grief Educator, and Reiki Master, Nadija Bajrami. Discover Nadija’s inspirational journey into the world of holistic healing, her strategic approach to overcoming emotional wounds through hypnotherapy, and how her diverse expertise fosters profound healing. From her training with David Kessler to her practices as a psychic medium, Nadija offers a unique perspective on navigating grief, boosting self-esteem, and the transformative power of mindfulness. If you’re seeking guidance on your healing journey or looking to empower your authentic self, Nadija’s insights and strategies offer a path to clarity and recovery. 
Don’t miss this chance to learn from her extensive experience and start transforming trauma into your triumph." 
Link to listen to the full episode down below. 
Take care all. 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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