In some of my hypnotherapy sessions, when the word ‘trauma’ is mentioned, some clients say « but Nadija wait, I didn’t get abused or anything like that so I don’t think that I went through any traumatic experiences». 
And that’s what I want to talk about in this post today. 
Some clients find it hard to explain their childhood in therapy as some things are just too painful to put words on. 
And there is also the pain of having no story. 
It’s this pain that seems to hurt the most. 
It’s true that bad things happened to many of us in childhood. 
It’s also true that a lot of things didn’t happen. 
You see, trauma is not just what happened. It’s also what didn’t happen and should have. 
Some clients didn’t have present and attentive primary caregivers . 
Some of them were not adored or encouraged to grow and flourish. 
Some of them were not held and soothed when things were tough for them. 
While the things that happened to some hurt, the things that never happened have likely hurt just as much or more as their needs were not met as they were growing up. And this affect the adults they are becoming… 
As a trauma informed hypnotherapist, I can help you overcome symptoms of traumatic experiences and give you the tools to feel empowered and move forward. 
Want to talk? Book your complimentary 30 min discovery call with me today. 
As always beautiful people and souls take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
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