Today let’s about a very important topic: 
Men’s mental health. 
In my hypnotherapy practice, I have more and more male clients who when they start working with me tell me how hard it was for them to make that first step and ask for help. 
What is it about a man’s perception that asking for help is a form of weakness rather than a strength? In a society based on individuality and helping yourself, it may seem strange to expect men to find ways to ask for and receive the support needed. 
As much as us women are under societal pressure, men are also. 
Men often do not want to ask for help as they do not want to appear a burden to their loved ones. There are many reasons why men do not ask for help. 
Sometimes men do not want to spend money on asking for help as they prioritize their family’s financial wellbeing. Asking for professional help is not only a financial investment, but an investment in your well-being as well as the well-being of your family. 
There is still often the stigma that “real men” do not complain about their emotional, physical or financial problems. They simply “suck it up” and figure it out. This has resulted in men having difficulty describing their feelings. Unfortunately, leaving some issues unresolved can lead to more serious emotional challenges, like anxiety, depression… 
More often than enough, men fear appearing to be weak if they seek help. They are expected to automatically know how to manage any situations. Well sometimes they don’t and that’s ok. 
Reaching out for help speaks to your confidence and strength as a man. It is important for men to know that physical, mental or emotional issues do not have to be tackled alone. 
Hope this post helps someone today. 
Want to chat, book your complimentary 30 min discovery call today and let’s talk about how you can empower yourself. 
As always take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
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