“When I hear the word hypnosis, I think of a swirling spiral and a loss conscious control — like in the movies.” This is something I hear quite often. 
If you've ever seen a show, you'll remember seeing someone act like a chicken on stage. This is what we call stage hypnosis and it has nothing to do with clinical hypnotherapy used in a therapeutic environment. 
In a clinical sense, hypnosis makes such a big impact and is a very powerful tool for long lasting changes. 
As it turns out, being hypnotized is used to treat all kinds of conditions, and it can improve your health in several different ways. 
What hypnosis can help you with: 
🍀Trouble Sleeping, Insomnia, and Sleepwalking 
🍀Confidence, self-esteem, worthiness, and mindset issues 
🍀Attachment wounds and inner child healing 
🍀Fears and phobias management 
🍀Easing anxiety 
🍀Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Symptoms 
🍀Symptoms of traumatic experiences 
🍀Pain management… 
How it works: When you are hypnotized, your attention is highly focused. You are in a deep and comfortable state of relaxation with increased awareness. This makes you more likely to listen and respond to suggestions for behaviour changes, such as seeing yourself as more confident…. 
Have questions about hypnosis and how it can help you? Book your Free 30 Min Discovery Call with me today and let me help you unleash the hero within. Link in my Bio. 
If you like my approach, then we can book your first sessions and start your journey to making positive changes. Remember that there is no better investment than investing in your beautiful self. 
As always beautiful people and souls take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
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