Today let’s talk about grief and how grief is multifaceted. 
Grief is a journey we navigate with heavy hearts and tear-stained eyes, but it’s important to recognize its multifaceted nature. 
It’s not just about the person we’ve lost, but also about the myriad of things we’ll never do with them again—the conversations, the shared moments, the laughter echoing through empty spaces. 
Yet, amidst our own sorrow, we also mourn for everything our loved one will never experience—the milestones, the dreams unfulfilled, the future now just a whisper of what could have been. In this intricate range of emotions, it’s okay to feel lost and overwhelmed. 
But within that sorrow lies strength—the power to honour their memory, to cherish what once was, and to find some comfort in knowing that their legacy lives on in our hearts. 
You’re not alone in your grief, and together, we’ll navigate this journey with compassion and resilience. 
Want to know how, as a certified grief educator, I can help you navigate the rocky terrain of grief, and then feel free to book your 30 min complimentary discovery call. Link in my Bio. Full video available on my YouTube channel. 
Take care all. 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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