Simply loving life. Enjoying being alive, enjoying being in the moment, enjoying breathing, enjoying the beauty around me. 
People often ask me how I can always be so happy and laughing and smiling and I have been been told a few times that I was lucky. My answer is that life has taken so many people from le and that for so long my grief took over my life, that one day I decided that grief does not have to define me and that through my grief I can find meaning and honour the memory of the wonderful people I lost. And I have. 
Having lost so many people made me realize how precious life is and I want to live the fullest. Does this mean that the pain is gone? Absolutely not. I have just decided to live alongside it and to accept that at times it can strike out of nowhere and acknowledge it when it does. 
Happy Sunday guys! Be good to your beautiful selves and make the most of each moment! 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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