Hello beautiful and souls, 
Hope you’re all well. 
Today, I just want to talk about my training as an end-of-life doula. 
As a trauma focused hypnotherapist, certified grief educator with David Kessler, energy, and spiritual worker, I have been feeling for a long time that something was missing in the modalities I have been offering and I have always felt that there is a real gap as regards helping people nearing the end of life and their families. 
Have you ever heard of a Soul Midwife or End of Life Doula? 
We are incredible beings providing unwavering support to those nearing the end and their families. 
Beyond practicalities, we embrace the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of dying, creating a truly holistic experience. 
We assist a dying person and their loved ones before, during and after death. We provides emotional and physical support, education about the dying process, preparation for what’s to come and guidance while you’re grieving. 
We become the missing link—connecting patients, families, and medical staff with empathy and understanding. 
We live in a death-phobic society, and we often feel uncomfortable talking about death and dying. 
As doulas, we are tasked with maintaining a sense of calm for the dying and those around them, and opening the conversation about death and loss, topics that can often be taboo. 
We help you navigate the uncharted waters with compassion, offering a beacon of light and break the silence around death with love and empowerment! 
My website will be updated in the next couple of months to reflect my end of life work as well so stay tuned! 
Take care all. 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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