There is nothing more powerful than letting the real you out! 
“Who am I?” is the universal question most often asked. It begins in young age and persists through life’s developmental stages. Thankfully, the responses is different from each one of us. Can you imagine if every one had the same answer? It would be like watching The Phantom of the Opera with every actor playing the phantom. When you embrace the uniqueness of who you are, you will uncover your life purpose to begin living your dream. 
I am 40 today and I spent 35 years of my life trying to hide who I really was, fighting to hide the real me, to suffocate the little girl inside who was pnly eager to break free. 
I did all I could to hide my intuitive and mediumistic skills and did all I could to fit in nicely in what society expected from me. 
Until the day I got diagnosed with a brain tumour and had brain surgery. That was the day I promised myself that if I were to pull through, I would embrace the real me and would live life on my own terms. 
And I survived and started the process of honouring the little girl inside. I have embraced the person I really am and I have never been happier. 
Of course, I had to deal with some pretty tough bumps in the road but that is all part of the process when you shed your skin and let your real self out. 
But I promise one thing to you today: there is nothing better or more rewarding than acknowledging who you really are. 
Life the life you were meant to live and be the amazing person you were always supposed to become. 
Go and shine your light brighter as the world needs you so much! 
As always beautiful people and souls take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
With much love, Nadija X 
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