The magic of co-creating greatness with like minded people today at our BNI TALLAGHT EXCEL chapter in person meeting. Early start at 6.30 am as always and I love it. Went there straight away after the gym! 
As much as I love our weekly online meetings, I am just thrilled to meet once a month in person. 
It was really great to meet all these amazing and authentic businesses. The energy in the room was just so amazing and so uplifting. 
We are really all working together to help each other grow and that is just priceless. 
It was also great to welcome some new members today! 
I am delighted and very excited to be part of this amazing worldwide organization. 
And I am thrilled to have been awarded the Notable Network Award for Networker of the Month for March 2023! 
True magic happens when like minded people meet. We learn and grow together as we go along. 
So many local business really worth checking. 
Thanks again to all involved and to the BNI management team and a special thank you to the Edge in Tallaght for their warm welcome as always. 
This bunch of amazing people have truly become my business family and more. 
Beautiful people and souls, when you know you have a greater purpose, fo and get it. Take any baby steps to start the journey and remember that it is possible to make it happen! Don’t let your dreams remain dreams. Work to turn them into reality. You owe it to yourself. Remember that you are truly unique and that the world needs you! Go out there and make it happen! 
Have a wonderful and productive week and as always take care, stay safe and talk soon. 
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