And as the week goes by, some more good news! I received this email a few days ago! 
It’s really amazing what happens when you truly surrender, trust and keep taking inspired actions with unwavering faith in your heart! 
And just like that, that’s another year of having my own column in the outstanding Expert Profile magazine and more goodness coming. To say that I am thrilled would be an understatement! Pinch me… 
Expert Profile Magazine is an international publication of personalities from the world of sport, television, film, media, and music sharing their insights to inspire you. 
And in every issue, we have industry experts from around the globe sharing their skills, knowledge and advice on wellbeing, business, health, fitness, and lifestyle to empower you. 
It is an established international magazine. 
Available to read on the main airlines as well! 
Beautiful people and souls keep pushing through, keep taking baby steps and most of all trust that all is always working out for you! And when you feel if doesn’t, that’s when the Universe is preparing you for greatness! So keep going! 
Take care all. 
With much love, 
Nadija X 
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