Amazing day at the National Women Enterprise Day 2023. 
A big thank you to our wonderful South Dublin Local Enterprise Office (LEO) for organizing this outstanding event and for their usual support. 
It is just amazing to see women in business supporting other women in business and society supporting women in business! 
And what a wonderful panel of inspirational speakers! Huge congrats to our 2023 leading lights! 
Meeting like minded people is key to your expansion! 
I came to Ireland 🇮🇪 6 years ago with my cat and a suitcase knowing I would find who I am supposed to be. I remember in my early days telling people that I would open a therapy practice and I remember some people telling me I was crazy and that I should play it safe and keep my corporate job. Times were uncertain and I should be grateful to just have a job! 
6 years down the line, I have a very busy therapy, coaching and spiritual practice that I started alongside a full time job at my kitchen table during the early days of the pandemic. And here I am today, full time in my business, and guess what, I am expanding and soon exporting my ideas. A lot is happening in the background, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Exciting times ahead! Has all this been easy? Of course not! Has it been worth it? Absolutely! 
I have only scratched the surface and there is so much more I will be offering in the near future. 
You know what helped me so far? Holding the vision and having that gut feeling that it is going to work out no matter what! 
Thanks to the LEO and their amazing support so far. A big thank you to all the people who have always believed and still believe in me. 
Go out there and create the life you were always supposed to live!😊 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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