What a wonderful weekend at the exciting workshop “The Gifts Of The Soul” delivered by the amazing international British psychic-medium Tony Stockwell. 
I just love Tony’s teaching and have learnt so much with him online over the years and what an absolute privilege to have attended this in person workshop on my doorstep here in Dublin. 
It’s amazing what happens when we truly trust and fully blend with the Spirit World. We allow them to become more alive and we deliver lovely messages. It’s all about co-creating with our beautiful Spirit World. 
But more than that, this workshop has allowed me to look deeper into my soul and to soon be able to help my clients in a more expansive way and to fully tune into what their soul really desires. 
I met a bunch of incredible people this weekend and not only have I expanded my skills and abilities, but I have also received some wonderful messages and healing. This weekend has also helped me to get in touch with my soul and my soul’s deepest desires. 
A big thank you to the one and only Tony Stockwell for his wonderful teaching, always helping us to go further in our development and always keep our client’s needs at the centre of our readings and sessions, to Susan Hughes and to the wonderful people I met on this beautiful journey. 
Until we meet again soon… 
I feel genuinely blessed to have attended this weekend. 
Something amazing happens when we tune into our soul and the souls of others. We co-create something beautiful. 
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend beautiful people and souls and do whatever it takes to honour your soul’s purpose. 
Take care all. 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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