I just finished an amazing event at The Edge in TALLAGHT (Dublin 24) and I have to say that the energy in the audience was just beautiful. 
We talked about the power of your subconscious mind, about hypnosis and about techniques to overcome impostor syndrome, limiting beliefs and techniques to supercharge your powerful subconscious mind. 
I just love sharing what I am passionate about and I love to raise awareness. 
A big thank you to the audience, to everyone at The Edge and to their manager Stefano Messori for inviting me to deliver this talk. I was so warmly welcomed and it’s just amazing! 
The staff at The Edge are just fabulous and it’s a very special place I have to say! 
And a big thank you to my best friend Laura MAZZUCATO for taking the time to take pictures and videos and for her ongoing support. 
I feel truly grateful to do what I so and do blessed to have met so many wonderful people today! 
I can’t wait to see you again soon. 
Take care all! 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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