Hello everyone, 
Hope you’re all well. 
Today I am looking to speak to nursing homes and hospices in Dublin or anywhere else in Europe to talk about my role as a grief educator, a Reiki master and soon to be end of life doula. 
Please feel free to share my post with your network. I would greatly appreciate it and it will help the right people see my post and there is never enough support around trauma, grief, and end of life! 
In the delicate dance between life and its inevitable end, the journey through death, pain, and loss can be a daunting path. For hospices and nursing homes, the weight of guiding individuals and their families through this profound transition is both an honour and a challenge. 
In recognizing the complexities of grief, trauma, and the finite nature of time, I bring forth a unique approach rooted in empowerment, professionalism, motivation, empathy, and compassion. As an advocate for the grieving heart, my grief education and support programs, which will soon be coupled with my end-of-life doula skills, I aim to provide solace and strength to your teams and patients. 
Reiki offers solace and provides a supportive, empathic touch that eases trauma, making the grief journey more bearable. For hospices, nursing homes, and families navigating the end of life, Reiki becomes a comforting ally, offering relief during these delicate moments. 
Time is of the essence in the realm of hospice and nursing homes, and my programs are crafted to be efficient and impactful. By incorporating these initiatives into your institution, you can cultivate a culture of resilience, unity, and unwavering support, ultimately enhancing the overall well-being of your team and the individuals under your care. 
We can do this together! 
More about me and what I do on my website. Link below. 
I look forward to hearing from you! Take care all! 
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