Today, I want to share a powerful tool to help you on your healing journey and one which can you help you with reparenting your inner child! 
I have attached some pictures of the amazing book by John Bradshaw - Home Coming. I love this book covering the topic of the inner child, 
We all carry within us the child we once were — an innocent, vulnerable part of ourselves that experienced the joys and pains of childhood. This child still lives inside, holding onto the memories, emotions, and beliefs formed during those early, formative years. 
Your ‘inner child’ refers to this remaining essence of your childhood self. It’s the part that still reacts with hurt from childhood criticism, yearns for the approval and love you may have missed, and holds tight to beliefs about yourself and the world around you. 
Writing a letter to your inner child allows you to connect with that innocent, tender part of you. You can validate their feelings, provide the love and reassurance they longed for, and offer the compassion and wisdom your adult self has gained over the years. This process can help resolve unmet childhood needs and self-beliefs that still influence your adult experiences. 
You may want to consider writing a letter to your inner child anytime you struggle with insecurity, self-doubt, emotional wounds from the past… 
Once you’ve done that, it is now time to write a letter as your inner child. 
There are many different ways to work with the inner child. One such way, is to allow the inner child to write a letter to you at the age you are at right now. So, for example, if you are 39 today, your inner child is going to write a letter to you (as if he or she traveled through time to give it to you) at age 39 and today. 
You are going to speak or write as the child self. And you are going to speak or write to your adult self that exists right here today. Let whatever happens in this exercise happen. Don’t expect the inner child to be any certain way. 
Hope these tips help you. 
Take care all. 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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