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Let’s see what intuitive guidance coaching, psychic and mediumistic work are and how all these holistic tools and modalities can help us find more clarity in our life, as well as help us on our healing journey. 
Talking about coaching, I like very much The International Coach Federation's definition of coaching in general: 
"Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential". 
Like any type of coaching, intuitive guidance coaching is not me telling you what to do with your life or how to live your life. Intuitive guidance coaching is you getting really honest with yourself and realize that there are areas in your life you want to improve to get the life you are longing for or realize that there is more out there for you. It gives you the tools to step in, get out there and do the work needed to unlock your potential focusing on spiritual principles. It is a client-centred approach that requires you to take an active role in the programmes build together with the coach to help you reach your goals. 
An intuitive guidance coach is a professional who helps you change your life and live your dream by helping you access your intuition. They can help you bring more abundance in your life, find your purpose as well as work on your relationships. They hold many of the same roles as traditional life coaches, but they guide you in a different way. 
Rather than just focusing on secular elements of life, such as goal setting, habits, and skills, they integrate spiritual life coach principles as well. By gauging your energy and emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing, intuitive guidance coaches are exceptional at helping clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward. 
An intuitive guidance coach is a professional coach who follows the same principles and teachings of traditional coaching, such as goal setting, working on habits and beliefs, but the difference is intuitive guidance coaches encourage you to connect to the deepest parts of yourself, guide you through your intuition and help you to tap into the power of the divine energy we all feel the presence of. 
Often, people come to coaching sessions to find their why and connect with their soul purpose. Your soul purpose represents living a life that is meaningful, that connects with your core values and ultimately fulfils you. You may already know what your soul purpose is, but different energies present blockages that prevent you from connecting with it. 
Intuitive guidance coaching goes much deeper into the source of a problem or challenge than traditional coaching, as it not only analyses your behaviours but also probes on a spiritual level. 
Intuitive guidance coaching also helps you to understand, manage and develop your intuitive abilities and use them to create the life you aspire to have. 
Intuition is a very powerful tool and when you learn to tap into your intuition, it can literally be life changing. Steve Jobs said intuition is "more powerful than intellect." Richard Branson prefers it to stats and data. Albert Einstein called it the "only real valuable thing." 
In a study where thirty-six major CEOs were asked to name their decision making's most critical component, 85% responded with "intuition" or "gut feel." 
You might come to coaching because you feel a little lost, you’re not sure where your life is going, or you feel dissatisfied, but nothing is actually wrong. 
Intuitive guidance coaching makes you realize who you are in your core as a person, as a spiritual being, which further leads you to discover your true purpose in life. 
Now that we have touched on intuitive guidance coaching, let’s explore what psychic and mediumistic work is. Psychic and mediumistic work is a key component of my intuitive guidance work. 
Psychic and mediumship work and readings can help with guidance and most of all can help us start our healing process so we can move forward with confidence. 
As more and more of us turn to a more holistic approach to wellbeing, I use my intuition with a combination of my many healing modalities in my readings and sessions. 
These powerful holistic modalities help people to move on from past experiences which are very often holding them back from achieving the things they really want in life. They can also help people build their own spiritual pathways, bringing through loved ones for support and offering intuitive advice to promote a positive wellbeing and energy system. 
Let’s start by explaining the difference between a psychic and a medium. In a nutshell, a psychic is an extremely intuitive and gifted spiritual person able to perceive information that is beyond the normal reach of the five senses and gain insight into the past, present and future. A psychic establishes a soul-to-soul connection with their client, to be able to deliver information about the past, present, or future and offer insight into some of their life's challenges. 
I am also fully convinced that we create our own reality and destiny based on our thoughts, words, and deeds and nothing is set in stone. A Psychic is able to tell their client or sitter where they are headed in the future based on their present thoughts and the energy that surrounds them, but if they decide to change their thoughts or mind, they can alter future outcomes. It’s very important to remember that we all have our own free will to take the direction we feel we need to take. 
And in a nutshell, a medium is a spiritually gifted being, who establishes a connection with discarnate entities, i.e., between this world and the Spirit World. A medium engages in a real-time dialogue with the spirit of their client’s loved ones who have passed away and can provide enough evidence and details to remove any doubt in their client’s mind that a true communication with the spirit world is taking place. 
A medium’s primary objective is to show proof and give evidence of life after death and deliver loving and healing messages to their clients. 
The rule of thumb is that all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. While anyone can potentially have mediumistic or psychic experiences, mediums experience regular communication from the deceased and psychics regularly experience information about, or from, living people, distant locations, or events, and/or times in the future or in the past. 
Now, why do I say that through intuitive guidance coaching, psychic and mediumistic work, we are able to help our clients with healing, spiritual healing, guidance, spiritual guidance? Let's see first what spirituality means and is. Spirituality can be defined as “the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to self, to others, to nature, and to the significant or sacred”. 
There are times in our lives when we recognize our spiritual needs and look for spiritual resources. We search for meaning. 
Often times, it is when we are faced with death, dying, grief, and loss we search for meaning. Yet, it is also during these times, we often find new opportunities for spiritual growth. 
It is about asking the questions “Who am I?”, “What has my life meant?” and “What is my purpose?” 
Spiritual guidance, care and healing involve one person helping another to think about spiritual issues and concerns in an affirming, non-judgmental and nurturing way. 
Whether you are looking for spiritual guidance and healing in a major life change or in another type of situation, intuitive guidance coaching, psychic and mediumistic work can help you illuminate your soul. 
Indeed, at different times in our lives, each one of us may need a ‘helping hand’. We may need a little guidance, insight or understanding, want to communicate with a loved one who has passed over to Spirit World, or feel we would benefit from healing a part of our emotional, physical, or spiritual self to restore a harmonious feeling of balance. We sometimes do feel the need to consult an intuitive, skilled, and psychic sensitive to help us find a way forward in our spiritual work, our relationships, or in our life-pathway - as we explore our life-difficulties, anxieties, and concerns, and to develop more satisfying and resourceful ways of solving our problems and attaining healthier and happier lifestyles. 
Intuitive guidance coaching, psychic and mediumistic work will give guidance, insight and understanding to allow holistic healing to take place. 
All these holistic modalities can help individuals to understand and re-programme their behaviour patterns, release negative emotions, access and anchor positive states and the tools needed to maintain their desired goal, this allowing the promotion of personal empowerment and change. 
Now let's dive in how these modalities can help you on your soul path and healing process. 
As previously mentioned, a psychic reading is a soul to soul or energy reading. It is a powerful holistic and spiritual modality where the intuitive practitioner connects to their client’s energy and is able to guide them with insights they pick up. It is a very powerful modality as the intuitive practitioner will connect to their own Higher Self and their client’s Higher Self and help them on their personal development and growth journey. It is a session during which the intuitive practitioner aims at enabling their client and help them with information and insights serving only their higher good. A true psychic reading is not fortune telling and is an extremely powerful holistic modality using energy work. 
So now let's talk about mediumship and mediumship readings. As previously explained, a medium connects to discarnate entities, who have passed to another realm, often called Spirit World. The intuitive practitioner or medium raise their vibrations and energy to be able to communicate with Spirit World, who, in exchange lower their energy and we meet halfway, hence the word medium. 
One of the 7 Principles of Spiritualism called "The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul" asserts that man has a continuous spiritual existence which extends beyond his physical life into eternity. 
This helps us cultivate hope as we know that the people that have been taken from us do carry on living not only in our heart, but in a beautiful place from which they can carry on a life free from pain and free from earthly worries. A beautiful place where they can be reunited with their own loved ones and from which they can keep on looking after us, caring for us and sending us signs whenever we might need their love and support. 
The grief and loss process is very personal to each and every one of us and through mediumship, we are able to prove the continuity of life after death which can be an important source of healing. Indeed, it can be very comforting to know that our loved ones are fine where they are and that they are still around us and looking after us from where they are in Spirit World. 
A medium cannot bring back a physical person to people who are grieving and feel a deep loss, but they can bring comfort and hope by proving survival of life after death. 
Mediumship readings are filled with positivity and bring guidance and healing. During a reading, once a connection is established, the intuitive practitioner or medium gives information, even though this information is not observable to others therefore it is subjective. Their first mission is to give you proof that there is contact with a loved one in Spirit World. Examples of specific evidence could be: cause of passing, the relationship with the loved one, information about work/hobbies, personality traits, shared memories but also the felt presence of the loved one in Spirit World. 
Once the client acknowledges the Spirit(s) that has / have stepped forward, the intrusive practitioner or medium will then relay their messages to their clients. These are always messages filled with love and light. A reading always aims at uplifting the clients. 
Why are these messages so important? because first all, they are a clear proof that your loved ones who have passed are doing absolutely fine and are still looking after you and that they will never stop to and that now more than when they were physically present on earth. And because they have an overall vision of our life, and thus can send us messages we need to hear and that might help us take the next needed step or might help you gain clarity in a current situation that has been troubling us. 
A very important thing to also remember, is that, once arrived in Spirit World, our loved ones are rid of their earthly worries and concerns, and they get a clear and better understanding of their actions on earth and use this newly gained knowledge to help us with our current situation or questions and help us acquire a vision they did not have when on earth. 
During a mediumship reading, we can also have a situation where someone in Spirit World steps forward to make amends, ask forgiveness, explain themselves about their earthly behaviours or tell us that we do not have to feel guilty for anything and that they forgive us in case this is something we need to hear. Here again, this will open a new door for us, and / or lift a weight off our shoulders and most importantly helps us to move on and start any needed healing process. 
To summarize, whatever the reason for your loved ones in Spirit World to step forward, this creates a space in time for you to start having a different understanding of any given situation and for you to start any healing that is deemed necessary. 
Through mediumship, we work in cooperation with the Spirit World and the healing is in cooperation with the unseen world. This form of healing is a powerful and an effective treatment that can help our clients on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. This healing can support the traditional medicine but remember you always need to stay under supervision of your own doctor if applicable as a healer is no doctor. 
Healing is the most important aspect in all facets of mediumship. Whether it is a healing that you receive, a private sitting, demonstration, or séance. When the soul is touched, healing can take place. 
Hope this gives you a better understanding of what intuitive guidance coaching, psychic and mediumistic work are and and how much of powerful holistic modalities they are to help us on our personal development, growth and healing journey, allowing us to move forward in life with confidence. 
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