Hello everyone, 
I just thought I would share a piece of my personal story on this Throwback Thursday. 
As I was doing some clearing late last night and early this morning, I found my certificate of completion as a wedding planner. 
Yes, years ago, I trained as a wedding planner and only worked for a short while in the industry. 
So I want from former successful international sales director and later on to wedding planner to now multi award trauma focused hypnotherapist, mind coach, certified grief educator, end-of-life doula, Reiki master, psychic-medium and intuitive development mentor. How about that? 
And there are more changes coming up as I do expanding my business in France and Switzerland! 
Did it seem logical at the time? Not at all! Was it hard? Pretty much so! Was it worth it? Absolutely! I wouldn’t change a thing… 
So beautiful people and souls, keep learning, keep exploring until one day your heart and soul tell you that’s it, that’s what I am supposed to do!’ 
Remember that nothing is set in stone and that the world is your oyster. 
Don’t settle. Life is too beautiful to be anything but what we were always supposed to become! And it’s certainly never too late! 
Take care all. 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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