I will be holding my very first VIRTUAL Death Café on Wednesday 17th of July 2024 at 08.00pm UK – Irish time / 12pm noon Pacific time / 03.00pm Eastern time. 
To start with, the Death Café will be held once a month on Zoom the third Wednesday of every month and will last for 1.5 hour. There is no cost to attend. We will start at 08.00pm sharp! Zoom codes will be emailed 48 hours before the event to each person who registered. 
Navigating grief can be incredibly challenging, and finding a supportive community is essential. That's where Death Cafés come in. But what exactly are they? 
What are Death Cafés? 
Death Cafés are welcoming, safe spaces where people gather to talk about death and grief over coffee and cake. It's a group-directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives, or themes. These gatherings are not therapy sessions, but opportunities to share, listen, and be heard. 
How Do They Work? 
Gather: Participants come together, here online, in an informal setting. 
Share and Listen: Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to death and grief. 
No Pressure: There is no obligation to speak; listening is just as valuable. 
Goals of Death Cafés 
Normalize Conversations About Death: Help make discussing death a natural part of life. 
Build Community: Create connections between people who understand what you're going through. 
Provide Comfort: Offer a safe space to express feelings without judgment. 
Good Practices for a Death Café 
Come with Acceptance: Be open to hearing different perspectives and experiences. 
Active Listening: Truly listen to others, without the need to offer solutions or advice. 
Respect: Maintain confidentiality and respect everyone's contributions. 
Benefits for Those in Grief 
Validation: Realize you're not alone in your feelings and experiences. 
Support: Gain emotional support from a compassionate community. 
Expression: Share your story and release some of the weight of your grief. 
Remember, Death Cafés are about sharing and listening, not fixing or advising. They're moments to connect, reflect, and find some comfort in the company of others who understand. If you're seeking extra support in addition to therapy, a Death Café might be a meaningful space for you. BUT Death Cafés are not therapy. They are a support group! 
So, grab a cuppa and a biscuit and come join us on Wednesday 17th of July 2024 at 08.00 pm UK- Irish time / 12pm noon Pacific time / 03.00pm Eastern time for our very first VIRTUAL Death Café. This will be held on zoom. 
I look forward to seeing you then! 
Take care all. 
With much love as always, 
Nadija X 
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